Content marketing: the 10 Tools To Know

Content marketing: the 10 Tools To Know

2. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a tool to find the details on a particular subject. Search results are collected on the basis of the amount of posts posted by social networks; a key indicator of success and virality. Content can be filtered by date, country or even form of content.

3. Quora A forum for questions and answers, Quora provides access to a multitude of unique content written by internet users who are often professionals. Quora’s questions are often real problems facing people, and a helpful way to identify weak points in your perspective. For a more detailed search, you can filter the questions by topic.

4. Medium

Medium is the forum for content curators to write their own chosen posts. The platform gives you access to a wide range of content, which allows you to find the topic you are talking about. It can also be used for ads.

5. Simple Blog Ideas is a free WordPress plugin that enables you to create new ideas for your blog quickly and easily. The app analyzes the best social media posts to help you spot the question you will be able to feel.

6. SemRush Primo de Google Adwords is a perfect way of identifying the vulnerability of your potential customers and providing useful information on such issues with the most commonly entered Internet users keywords. SemRush is an excellent way to evaluate the weaknesses of your potential customer.

7. Feedly provides access to a wide range of sources of expert information on specific subjects. If you have no ideas for your blog, this generator can be a good source of information.

8., an online content curation site, helps internet users to manage and share their publishing clock with other network users. Connected to various information outlets, the platform helps you to centralise and organise reporting with specific articles in a personal journal.

9. The best performing social media material is compiled by The tool creates 250 million objects per day automatically and extracts 25 million! You should understand that gives you the boost you need if you run out of ideas.

10. Google Trends is a tool to monitor and analyze the trends for keywords in Google’s search engines, which are a complement to Google Adwords. The strength of this tool is that it can compare multiple patterns over a given period, i.e. several search words. This helps you to evaluate your future customers’ perceptions of your product or service, or even to determine the effect of the messages it sends.