Top 5 Website Creation Software

Top 5 Website Creation Software

Allowing anyone to create a website easily and relatively quickly. And it must be said that everyone respects this promise. Perhaps a special mention for Wix, the market leader, which offers a particularly neat and easy-to-use editing interface.

2. Design
The operation is the same for comparison software 5: you choose a design model (a “template”) which you then customize by adding your text, images, etc. In terms of design, three aspects must be evaluated: the number of models offered, the quality of the models and finally the possibilities for customization:

Quantity: Wix is ​​one step ahead of its competitors, with more than 700 models. Jimdo, from this point of view, is far behind with only 15 models.
Quality: Wix is ​​reputed to offer the most elegant models. Its quality and variety are undeniable. All trades are covered and visually there is not much to say. But the other website building software in this comparison shouldn’t be ashamed. Weebly offers very elegant themes. Surprisingly, it is only designed to create one-page sites. The “one page” themes on offer are very beautiful, design is an essential aspect of eye-catching sites. Only Site123 is below its competitors.

As for the customization of the designs, special mention for Strikingly, Wix and Weebly, but the 5 website creation software in this comparison allows you to customize the colors of your site, the fonts used

3. Functional wealth
At this point, software 5 is clearly not on the same level. Wix is ​​the one with the most features, even in its free version. Free versions of other software greatly limit access to native functionality. Weebly and Jimdo are a little behind, but still offer very good functional richness. Let’s say that all the simple needs are covered. Site123 is the software with the least amount of advanced functionality. More than its four competitors, Site123 emphasizes simplicity … at the expense of functional richness. Therefore, the ranking is as follows: Wix, Weebly, Jimdo, Strikingly, Site123.

4. SEO
Website building software has greatly improved in recent years. They all allow you to customize the title, meta description or alt tags. Some, like Wix, offer virtual SEO assistants to guide you step-by-step through the SEO setup of your website. But be careful, don’t forget that the natural reference of your website depends mainly on the quality and quantity of the content that you publish. It may have the best settings in the world, if your website has almost no content, your site may not be well referenced.

5. Help and support
When you want to create a website and are a beginner, the quality of help and support is important. Jimdo is reputed to have fast and efficient support. Wix and Weebly offer multiple channels of contact, but phone support is only available in the Shakespearean language. Site123 support leaves something to be desired: all documentation is in English. On the other hand, Site123 recently offers a chat … i