Best Acid Floor Cleaners in 2022

1. 1 Gallon 85% Food Grade Phosphoric Acid Rust Remover Clean Etch Metal

1 Gallon 85% Food Grade Phosphoric Acid Rust Remover Clean Etch Metal


Coil Ports: 1/2" MPT, T/P Valve/Abode Rod/Drain Port: 3/4" NPT, Water Ports: 3/4" NPT

TU1 copper (red copper), thickness 1 mm, and length 66 feet in the tank coil.

High pressure automated polyurethane foaming layer with an R-value of 12.5 and a density of 36 kg/m3.

Food-grade SUS 304-2B for the inside tank and 0.5 mm thick galvanized steel for the outer tank.#


The 1-gallon jug was shipped with cushioning around it that was both thick and sealed, and it was packaged in a cardboard box. Excellent shipment packaging—10 stars, please!This acid was used to etch metal to remove or convert rust. works better than items from big-box stores! Once more, ten stars if we could!

2. OXALIC ACID 99.6% 2 Lb. Deck, Crystals, Metal Cleaning- Rust Removal, Wood Stain Remover and More!

OXALIC ACID 99.6% 2 Lb. Deck, Crystals, Metal Cleaning- Rust Removal, Wood Stain Remover and More!


99.6% PURE OXALIC ACID (Dihydrate)

Cleaning of the Deck, Crystals, and Metal

Wood stain remover, rust removal, and more!#


I purchased this product after looking into how to remove stains from our asphalt shingled roof that were left behind by some shady chimney or roofing contractors who flashed our house with sheet metal years ago.To be safe, I tarped over the nearby bushes and plants and redirected the gutter's flow to a few 5 gallon buckets. The outcomes were night and day after a few applications with a one gallon sprayer. Could not be more pleased. The images of the before and after speak for themselves.By the way, it also successfully removed the rust off the flashing.fantastic stuff I can't wait to put it to work again and give it another shot.

3. DRYLOK 22212 Latex Bonding Agent

DRYLOK 22212 Latex Bonding Agent


uses soap and water to clean

Resurface concrete driveways, patios, slabs, and steps. Repoint masonry, clean walls.

enhances the effectiveness of powder waterproofers



This was used to fix some plaster. It definitely gives a sticky surface and seals the surface you're applying it on. This little container contains a lot of product because it has a viscosity that is similar to tile sealer and goes on extremely liquid. I wish my neighborhood hardware stores carried it!

4. ORANGE-SOL 10151/52 Contractor Solvent

ORANGE-SOL 10151/52 Contractor Solvent


Dimensions of the item: 5.3"L x 8.0"W x 11.0"H

originating in the United States

The item weighs 8.36 lbs.

Orange Sol, a brand#


Since I have been using it for so long, it is simply fantastic. It has restrictions, but they cover a lot of ground in terms of cleaning. Old adhesive removal is the litmus test for me and the reason I would always have it. This is the only method I ever use to remove price labels and outdated stickers from books. I buy a ton of books every year because I'm a historian. It's okay to use because I'm also Scottish. Even the oldest and driest labels will be lifted by this substance after soaking through them. Although it won't damage the pages, I do try to apply it sparingly and only on the cover. I used a second application when I redrew all the labels on the hardware bins in my workshop. The old masking tape labels have to be replaced with new ones. If you've ever seen dried masking tape glue, you know that its composition is very similar to titanium. I simply spritz some orange cleaner on the remnants of the old tape and wait for it to soak in and dissolve them. The sticky mess easily washes off. I do want to point out that it has a lovely scent and a slightly oily texture, both of which need to be cleaned before using adhesive to put anything to it. There are numerous uses stated on the bottle, and there are certainly more.

5. Miracle Sealants HDAC6QT Heavy Duty Acid Cleaners

Miracle Sealants HDAC6QT Heavy Duty Acid Cleaners


Cleaning is expedited by simple application using a clean mop or an acid-resistant brush.

Depending on the area being used, one gallon of regular dilution can cover up to 1,000 square feet.

On interior or exterior surfaces, a strong acid formula quickly and effectively eliminates tough stains.

Depending on the application, the cost-effective, potent solution has a dilution range of 3 to 10 parts.

Ideal for cleaning a variety of surfaces, including granite, unpolished marble, cement, slate, brick, tile, grout, and more, both inside and outside.#


I had been attempting to get rid of a dark, scaly substance from the low area where the toilet's water drains. It appeared awful. Another issue was that the flushing process was too slow, which allowed waste to remain in the bowl. I performed some research online before realizing the two issues were connected and came across your product. I filled the toilet with Heavy Duty Acid Cleaner, reduced the water level, and went to bed. The toilet flushed as it should when I got up the following morning and flushed it. Even more was done by removing the majority of the dark scale. The remainder was removed with a little amount of scraping from a wooden stick. Definitely happier and far less expensive than a plumber. I'll buy it once again!

6. Miracle Sealants PHOSQT6 Phosphoric Acid Cleaners, Quart

Miracle Sealants PHOSQT6 Phosphoric Acid Cleaners, Quart


softer than other acidic cleaners and simple to use

To clean unglazed ceramic tile, porcelain tile, cement grout, brick, concrete, mortar, masonry, and more both indoors and outside.

with a normal dilution, covers up to 2,500 square feet; coverage varies with surface use.

A quick-acting solution eliminates cementation grout stains and dirt accumulation.

Cleaning is expedited by simple application using a clean mop or an acid-resistant brush.#


It is definitely a nightmare to try to remove black grout from a tile floor! Try cleaning your ceramic tiles using phosphoric acid cleanser if you've tried to remove grout without much success. Put on some rubber or Playtex gloves before sprinkling some on the tile. Then clean the tile with a non-abrasive sponge or a scrub daddy. Any remaining grout will simply come off, saving you a ton of time and hassle. The best method for removing leftover grout from ceramic tile is this one. The cleaner made from phosphoric acid will make you quite happy. For me, this cleaner performed excellently.

7. DRYLOK 01908 Masonry Etch, 12-Ounce

DRYLOK 01908 Masonry Etch, 12-Ounce


conditions for painting on galvanized surfaces

takes efflorescence out (salt deposits)

smooth concrete is prepared for painting.

Safer and easier than muriatic acid, with no hazardous fumes.

mortar from brick and tile is removed#


The product performs as promised. Although it has a terrible smell, it effectively cleans the concrete basement blocks. I would advise preparing a sizable space before mixing. Even though it covers a lot of ground, the most of it is wasted if you don't intend to use it over a huge region. Before applying any paint or dry lok, make sure to put on rubber gloves and give the area enough time to completely dry.

8. Miracle Sealants POULTPLUS3 Poultice Plus Cleaners, 1 lb

Miracle Sealants POULTPLUS3 Poultice Plus Cleaners, 1 lb


Formula without acid or bleach intended for cleaning stains from the majority of absorbent surface materials

makes a paste to remove an undesired stain.

Quick-acting cleanser that is simple to use

depending on the surface it is utilized on, each pound container can cover up to 10 square feet.

To be used both indoors and outdoors as a surface cleaner or grout cleaner to get rid of stains on all tile, natural stone, concrete, and masonry surfaces.#


My daughter left something that sort of melted on the marble countertop in her bathroom, and when I cleaned it up, it left a black stain. Everything I could think of, including bleach, wet sanding, magic eraser, barkeep's pal, etc., was tried. Because this product was so inexpensive, I believed I had nothing to lose so I decided to give it a try. To prevent future harm to the stone, I used it exactly as instructed, covered it with clear wrap, and sealed the perimeter with painters tape. After about 24 hours, I took off the tape and plastic wrap and cleaned the poultice. To my shock, the stain was vanished! I was overjoyed that I didn't need to call a stone repair business to fix it. I only used it on one type of stone (carrara marble) and one type of stain, so I can't claim it will work for every issue, but it was wonderful for me.

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