Best Automotive Replacement Shifters in 2022

Finding the best automotive replacement shifter can be quite a challenge. After all, there are so many different types of shifters out there, and it can be difficult to know which one is right for your vehicle. From manual to automatic, mechanical to electronic, and even custom shifters, the options can seem overwhelming.

Fortunately, there are several key factors that you can consider when selecting the best automotive replacement shifter.

First, think about the type of vehicle that you own. Different cars require different types of shifters. For instance, manual transmissions generally require manual shifters, while automatic transmissions require automatic ones. Similarly, some vehicles may require a specific type of electronic or custom shifter.

Second, consider the quality of the shifter. Cheaper shifters may be tempting, but it’s important to make sure that you’re buying a product that is well-made and reliable. Look for shifters crafted from quality materials, with a reputation for durability and reliability.

Third, think about your driving style. If you’re a frequent racer, you may want a shifter that offers quicker shifting and better performance. On the other hand, if you’re just looking for a reliable replacement for your everyday vehicle, you may want a more basic shifter.

Finally, think about the overall look and feel of the shifter. Make sure that the shifter fits your car’s interior design and that it looks and feels good when you’re driving.

By considering these factors, you can ensure that you select the best automotive replacement shifter for your vehicle. While the selection process can be intimidating, taking the time to research your options can help you make an informed decision. With the right shifter, you can enjoy improved performance and a better driving experience.

1. Dorman 83244 Auto Transmission Shift Indicator Bracket

Dorman 83244 Auto Transmission Shift Indicator Bracket


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Wow, this fit the Ford 2003 F150 perfectly and was incredibly simple to install. The hardest part of the 10-minute process was removing the bottom dash panel.If you have a headlamp and place your head on the brake pedal, you can do this from below.

2. Dorman 905-110 Shift Tube Clamp

Dorman 905-110 Shift Tube Clamp


puts the steering column's shift rod in a secure position.

Direct substitution for a good fit

No specialised equipment is needed for installation

includes a bushing and one clamp.

Simple to install#


It repaired my 2003 F-150's sluggish shifting. The previous ones were all but extinct. If I could go back in time, I would just replace the plastic bushings first. I should have looked for the part first in the car parts store. In my neighborhood, there are two distinct auto box stores, and both of them offered bushings for only $6. I spent $30 after paying for Prime overnight shipping and two of these Doman. In any case, the item is nicely manufactured and simple to repair. As some have criticized, no alterations were made to ensure correct fit.

3. Dorman 924-706 Chrysler/Dodge Transmission Shift Interlock Latch

Dorman 924-706 Chrysler/Dodge Transmission Shift Interlock Latch


Direct replacement component

Unit has quality upgrades designed by Dorman.

backed by a limited lifetime warranty from Dorman#


Good product that appears to be quite durable. After you install it, this ought to be the last one, in my opinion. There are YouTube tutorials available for installing in your car. My car is a 2005 Pacifica. There are two cables: the shift cable, which is removable with bare hands, and a smaller cable that attaches to the shift interlock latch by fitting into a tiny slot. I discovered this cable's adjustability by removing a clasp with the word T on it. Don't do that because it alters the cable's length settings. I had trouble getting my key out of the ignition when I was installing. I removed the T latch after realizing it was the cause and discovered splines that matched the cable's grooves. I was able to remove my key after removing the large spring where the back stop was located closer to the stop. YouTube videos to watch Pacifica halted in neutral Daniel James

4. Acuity Shift Linkage Bushing Upgrade for the 2007-2017 Honda Civic Si, 2007-2017 Civic (MT), 2015-2017 Honda Fit (MT)

Acuity Shift Linkage Bushing Upgrade for the 2007-2017 Honda Civic Si, 2007-2017 Civic (MT), 2015-2017 Honda Fit (MT)


Spherical bearing offers smoother gear engagement and lessens cable wear.

A distinct serial number is laser engraved into each bushing.

For a gap-free fit with your shifter cables, O-rings are fitted on both bushings, significantly decreasing shifting slop.

Hardware made of stainless steel offers the greatest corrosion resistance.

Acetal materials for increased shift engagement and minimal friction#


Incredible Snappiness after installation. When put into gear, the car shifts smoothly with no slop or play. Shifter bushing wear is no laughing matter because it will undoubtedly compromise synchros, which are expensive to replace. 70 dollars are saved for long-term dependability and shift quality.Set up: Two Cotter Pins for the two bushings.My suggestion is to use some WD40 and a pair of hands when removing the old rubber bushing. It will be easier to pry it out and the installation will go more quickly as a result. After, use silicone spray to assist the new bushing in * Although fitting the new end ring takes a moment, there shouldn't be any problems.

5. Hurst 1530020 Universal Brushed Aluminum T-Handle

Hurst 1530020 Universal Brushed Aluminum T-Handle


Aluminum substance

pertaining to shifters besides Hurst

comes with adapters

Identification of Hurst

hurtful nature#


The form of the handle is made as if it were for a right handed side car or left handed person, laughing any way I made it work. Works perfect with the offered adapter "orange" for my Mustang. I uploaded a few images to demonstrate how it appears with an extension (bought elsewhere) and without an extension.

6. Dorman 905-109 Black Automatic Transmission Shift Lever

Dorman 905-109 Black Automatic Transmission Shift Lever


Simple to install

Direct substitution for a good fit

To assure a problem-free performance, this part has undergone vehicle try-on testing.

designed with premium components for enduring durability

harmonies with the interior of your car's general aesthetic aspect#


As other reviews have noted, they prominently displayed the "Made in China" label. On a 2001 Ford F350 crew cab truck, we applied this. Our last one had been patched together because it was broken and the od did not function. Even though it was quite simple to install, the shift tube needed to be replaced as well because it was still quite loose after installation. I was able to insert a washer to assist stabilize it, which was very helpful. The od then started to function once again, and it now has a cute little light on it. Therefore, if you're changing this shifter because it's sloppy, my advice is to also repair the shifter tube.

7. Vincool for Ford 6.0L Engine High Pressure Oil Rail Pump Adapters Leak Test Kit (Fuel Rail)

Vincool for Ford 6.0L Engine High Pressure Oil Rail Pump Adapters Leak Test Kit (Fuel Rail)


Excellent CNC fabricated from brass billet. crafted to offer exemplary levels of durability.

For the high pressure oil pump that powers the injectors, a pair of pressure testing adapters.

enables shop air testing of the High Pressure Oil System to check for leaks and permits direct gauge connection monitoring of the Injector Control Pressure (ICP) of the High Pressure Oil System.

The fuel line connection changed in 2004, therefore the two adapters allow you to conduct pressure testing on either platform.

For our clients, we at Vincool honestly offer the best goods and services. Please feel free to contact the Vincool support team with any questions you may have. Within a day, you will hear from us again.#


works as described. I didn't understand how much I despised myself until I got rid of the 1

8. TCI 616541 FAST-GATE Shifter

TCI 616541 FAST-GATE Shifter


616541 TCI Automotive#


I've never purchased a TCI shifter before. The shifter rocks. It's a great value; typically, I buy B

9. B&M 80668 Black Rubber Shifter Boot

B&M 80668 Black Rubber Shifter Boot


The component is been replaced by a fresh black rubber boot.

backed by a one-year limited guarantee from the manufacturer




10. TeraFlex 4947100 TJ Transfer Case Shift Linkage

TeraFlex 4947100 TJ Transfer Case Shift Linkage


Only fits Jeep Wrangler automatic transmissions from 1997 to 2006.

Fits Rubicon Models but not



The item I received, in my opinion, was for a different transmission. After I modified the mounting plate, it was excellent.

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