Best Baseball & Softball Face Guards in 2022

Baseball and softball are two of the most popular sports in the United States and around the world. One of the most important pieces of protective gear for both sports is a face guard. A face guard is a piece of protective gear that covers the face, protecting the eyes, nose, and mouth from errant pitches, bats, and other objects that might fly into the face of the player.

When looking for the best face guard, there are several factors to consider. First, the face guard should fit comfortably and securely on the player’s face. It should not move around or slip off easily. It should also be made of a durable material that can withstand the impact of an errant pitch or bat.

The design of the face guard is also important. It should cover the eyes, nose, and mouth without being too bulky or uncomfortable. Many face guards feature vented panels to allow for breathability, as well as adjustable straps for a secure, comfortable fit.

When it comes to price, there are face guards to fit any budget. While more expensive face guards may offer more protection, there are also more affordable options that still offer a good level of protection.

It is also important to consider the player’s age and size when selecting a face guard. Smaller players will need a face guard that fits snugly on their face, while older players may need a larger, more adjustable face guard to ensure the best fit.

Finally, it is important to choose a face guard that meets safety standards. Safety standards for face guards are determined by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE). When shopping for a face guard, look for the NOCSAE certification mark to ensure the face guard meets all safety requirements.

Finding the best face guard for baseball and softball players can be a daunting task. However, taking the time to consider the factors outlined above can help ensure that the face guard chosen is comfortable, secure, and safe.

1. RIP-IT Defense Pro Softball Fielder's Mask with Blackout Technology

RIP-IT Defense Pro Softball Fielder's Mask with Blackout Technology


FULL OF FEATURES - Blackout Technology, which is like eye-black for your equipment but better, is a feature of the RIP-IT Defense Pro. You will be able to see the ball better than ever before because to the reduction of sun glare.

DEFENSE QUALITY FROM RIP-IT Team sports help females develop the skills they need to succeed, and at RIP-IT, we know how important they are for boosting self-esteem. We provide high-quality goods that uphold this dedication.

BACKED BY SCIENCE - This is a steel safety cell-engineered product that transfers and lessens impact force by flexing at different angles. As a result, it may continue to be lightweight and have an open design for cooling.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS - One (1) RIP-IT Defense Pro Softball Fielder's M is included in the package. Please visit the RIP-IT website within 30 days of purchase to register for the Defense Pro $5,000 Peace of Mind Policy. Weight 0.69 pounds

PRO RIP-IT DEFENSE - The best mask for softball players is the Defense Pro. It provides unrestricted visibility and is loaded with unique features including moisture-wicking cushions and glare-reducing technology.#


I witnessed several of my baseball teammates getting smacked in the head or face by a softball that was missed. For this reason, our management insisted that we buy a mask. Unbelievable as it may sound, I now feel much more secure when I play the game. Being a fashionista, I went with scarlet. It matches the insignia on my cap and the top of my uniform. But I can't put on the cap and mask together. So I advise my teammates to order it so that it includes the visor. Although the mask tends to mess up my hair when I put it on or take it off, I would have loved to give it a 5-star rating. I'm not allowed that!

2. RIP-IT Defense Pad

RIP-IT Defense Pad


A Defenders Mask should remain in place to provide you with the most protection possible. These pads are made to provide you with the ideal fit for your face. So that you can rely on your face protection for safety and performance, movement and sliding are reduced to a minimum.

EXCELLENT COMFORT - Avoid being sidetracked by unflattering or unpleasant face masks. The RIP-IT Defenders Face Guard Pads combine the comfort of soft, secure padding with the safety of a face mask. While playing, you won't even be aware that it is there.

These pads were created especially to serve as replacements for the RIP-IT Defenders Face Guard. They provide a like-new fit that is safe and cozy for playing and fit any size of RIP-IT face guard.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - One (1) RIP-IT Defense Padding Replacement Set is included in the package. Visit the RIP-IT website within 30 days of purchase to sign up for the Defense Pro $5, 000 Peace of Mind Policy.

RIP-IT'S MISSION: To enhance the sporting experience through cutting-edge softball equipment. Although we've gone a long way since making face guards in a garage, we still uphold the fundamental principles we established then.#


Our girls experienced pain from the "cushioning" of the Champro fielders mask that we purchased, and it even left indentations on their foreheads. When my daughter put on the Rip-it new cushion we had bought, which fit exactly, she exhaled in relief. We ought to have just purchased the Rip-it brand mask in the first place. Finally, after having to repair the cushion, we only managed to save $5.

3. Rawlings RCFH Baseball BAT Helmet Facemask 17U

Rawlings RCFH Baseball BAT Helmet Facemask 17U


Wire diameter is decreased by the powder coat finish for reduced blockage.

meets nocsae baseball and softball requirements.

Improved wire arrangement for lighter weight and more visibility

contains a chin strap

Fits Rawlings RCFH BB1WG#


Although there isn't much room to view, my five-year-old swears she can still see just fine. The adorable pink youth Rawlings helmet I purchased fit perfectly.NO, you cannot turn the cage around to add more space. You cannot; I believed you could. One screw per side can be bolted on, which will hold it in place and allow you to move it down for additional space. Of course, not too much, because the ball will fly in your face and be useless.

4. Markwort C-FLAP

Markwort C-FLAP


attaches to the majority of batters' helmets

the same for everyone

Face shields for left-handed hitters

Useful for all playing levels



When my son opened the Amazon box and discovered the c-flap, there was immediate hostility. My son plays travel baseball. He whined and moaned. The previous week, we had to tell him that TWO MLB players had been struck by balls, one of whom was hitting. He wasn't happy when we urged him to simply TRY IT for a bit. Later following week, I drove him to practice, and I held my breath as he took the field. Like usual, he destroyed the ball! He was able to see clearly despite the c-flap. It just takes some getting used to, but my kid acknowledged that his teammates also found it to be "kind of cool." I emphasized to him that doing this will assist lower his risk of injury and that his father and I don't want to see him get hurt. We are grateful that my youngster is loving this equipment now that he understands it. Some of his teammates want to purchase the c-flaps right away, and other parents on the team have questioned me about them. This, in my opinion, is just a minor step toward making baseball a safer sport. Boys are not required to wear c-flaps in our league or county, but softball players who are female are required to wear caged helmets when batting and pitching masks. Do we not place equal priority on protecting our boys and girls? It's not a vanity issue; it's a safety concern, and I think that by purchasing this c-flap, we can start influencing people's opinions.

5. Coast Athletic Youth Catcher's Mask | Baseball/Softball Face Guard

Coast Athletic Youth Catcher's Mask | Baseball/Softball Face Guard


Strong steel wire structure and only 18 ounces in weight

The Youth Baseball and Softball Programs Available

Even when used for extended durations, the face shield is pleasant.

Specifically designed leather cushions that repel microorganisms and wick away moisture

Can be utilised as a face mask for baseball or softball.#


My three-year-old is a huge baseball fan and has been requesting a Cather mask for months. This was flawless in every way. Although I was concerned it would be more larger than necessary, it is great on the smallest settings. With the adjustable straps, he has lots of room to develop. He spent the majority of the day wearing it; it was a Christmas gift! Wonderful discovery!

6. SKLZ Field Shield. Full-Face Protection Mask for Softball (Youth/Adult Sizes)

SKLZ Field Shield. Full-Face Protection Mask for Softball (Youth/Adult Sizes)


Complete visibility, ventilation, and movable pads for a personalized fit

Extremely strong and lightweight

A STURDY CONSTRUCTION Whether you're fielding or catching, this mask is built just for you. The polycarbonate material that the SKLZ Field Shield is constructed of is quite lightweight. This equates to durability that is unbreakable and light on you.

increases a player's confidence

allows for the best performance and greatest protection.

FEEL NOT AFRAID. This incredibly robust, non-bendable face mask will provide superb protection. You can stop being afraid of the ball and start playing with intent with the help of an additional center bar for added protection and adjustable straps for a personalized fit.

ACT HARDER. SPORT SAFELY. With the SKLZ Field Shield, practice more. In the infield or behind home plate, players will gain confidence. You may play hard and safely with this mask because it won't obstruct your vision and has lots of ventilation.#


After reading the reviews and noticing that the pricing was at least half of what I was seeing in stores, I made the decision to acquire this mask. My 8-year-old daughter received this item in the Youth S/M size that I requested. The metal face masks are less obtrusive in appearance but a little heavier and at least twice as expensive. My daughter actually liked wearing the mask, which surprised me because I was anticipating a struggle. She claimed that it was cozy, really well-fitting, and that she never once complained about having to wear it. We have only used it for one season, but so far there have been no problems with the product's quality, and we would definitely order it again.

7. Champion Sports Softball Face Mask - Durable Baseball Fielder Head Guards - Premium Sports Accessories for Indoors and Outdoors - Available in Magnesium or Steel in Multiple Colors and Sizes

Champion Sports Softball Face Mask - Durable Baseball Fielder Head Guards - Premium Sports Accessories for Indoors and Outdoors - Available in Magnesium or Steel in Multiple Colors and Sizes


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This is what we bought for our daughter's 8U softball season, and it's been okay so far. Where the bands rest on the head is one area that may use some assistance. They don't go far enough, and it usually falls off with no effort. Additionally, the chin pad is quite simply removed. Overall, things have gone well, and she now feels secure knowing that she won't be struck in the face by the ball.

8. Mueller Face Guard | Protection from Impact injuries to Nose and Face, Clear, One Size Fits Most

Mueller Face Guard | Protection from Impact injuries to Nose and Face, Clear, One Size Fits Most


no natural rubber latex was used

It's perfect for sports like basketball, wrestling, karate, baseball, soccer, volleyball, and others that don't call for facemasks.

The Mueller Face Guard is made of medical-grade polycarbonate that is both crack- and shatterproof, and it is shaped to fit comfortably and be less noticeable.

Using a proprietary occipital harness, the face guard is securely fastened, prevented from shifting, and made to fit more comfortably.

The Mueller Face Guard shields your face against zygomatic, orbital, maxillary, and nasal injuries.#


I've broken my nose a few times and was thinking about investing several hundred dollars in a custom moulded facemask. Before giving out hundreds, I thought I'd give this a shot, and so far it's been pleasantly surprise. I've been hit in the face with basketballs and elbows and it has withstood the blows without even coming close to my nose. Although it is not the most attractive, I believe it does the job just fine.

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