Best Boat Fenders in 2022

If you’re looking to purchase boat fenders, the choices can be overwhelming. With so many different styles, sizes, and materials to consider, it can be difficult to determine which fender is best for your boat. However, with a bit of research and knowledge, you can find the perfect boat fenders for your vessel.

First, it’s important to consider the size of your boat. Boat fenders come in a range of sizes, from small inflatable models to large foam-filled fenders. If you’re looking for a large fender, make sure that the size is suitable for your boat, as a too-large or too-small fender can cause damage.

Next, you’ll want to consider the material of the boat fender. There are a variety of materials available, including PVC, vinyl, and foam. PVC is a lightweight and durable material, perfect for smaller boats, while vinyl is more suitable for larger boats, as it offers more protection. Foam is a popular choice for larger boats, as it is extremely durable and offers more protection against impact.

Finally, you’ll want to consider the type of boat fender. There are two main types: hanging and adjustable. Hanging fenders are attached to the boat with a rope or chain, while adjustable fenders can be adjusted to fit the size of your boat. Adjustable fenders are ideal for larger boats, as they can be adjusted to fit the size of the boat for the best possible protection.

By taking the time to research the different types of boat fenders available, you can find the perfect fender for your boat. Remember to consider the size, material, and type of fender to ensure you get the best protection for your vessel.

1. DLFender Power Boat Fender Adjuster

DLFender Power Boat Fender Adjuster


New edition has UV additive for sun protection and is stronger, lighter, and more durable.

Produced in the USA

5 year warranty on reinforced fibreglass

Excellent Entrance/Exit Handle—can be used to board and exit boats.

makes joining rafts with other vessels easier an airflow

Fender in one piece Using the boat's existing rod holders, an adjuster holder secures the fender.

No lines or knots to tie, making it easy and hassle-free - Easily raise and lower the fender using just one hand.#


When I saw these at the boat show, I didn't have time to buy them, so I ordered them online. They perform better than I had anticipated. actually only necessary since the forward cleat on my boat is too high and there isn't a mid-cleat on it. The rear rod holder, however, is in a better location than the back cleat and I do have a mid rod holder. Having two of them is therefore ideal. seems pricey, but in reality, you're paying for the flexibility and convenience. more so than in terms of building or materials. You generally don't need these if you already have a mid cleat.

2. Polyform G Series Boat Fenders

Polyform G Series Boat Fenders


six sizes are offered. G-1 through G-6 are intended for yachts between 10 and 40 feet long.

a versatile, budget-friendly boat fender made in the USA by Polyform.

designed for trailered boats used for pleasure in sheltered moorings#


For our 19-foot boat, this is my second set of fenders. My fender guideline is to use the largest size you can store on your boat and accommodate. The "G-4," which is 6.5" x 22," was what I ordered because I wanted something with a bigger diameter. I also bought the 6.5" x 23" Taylor Made Hull Gard fender, but I'll be returning those because they're not even close to the quality of these Polyform fenders. This fender is much nicer in quality than the Taylor Made, heavier, and thicker, which will provide our boat more protection. While the Taylor manufactured has a needle fill resembling a sports ball, the Polyform G series includes a screw with seal to cover the air fill entrance. The Taylor Made fender's sand color was very pale and not what I had anticipated. The Polyform's sand color is a good tan hue.

3. VIVOHOME Vinyl Ribbed Marine Boat Fender for Bumper Shield Protection Pack of 4

VIVOHOME Vinyl Ribbed Marine Boat Fender for Bumper Shield Protection Pack of 4



After a few trips and dockings in my new pontoon boat, I started to notice some little dings. I didn't want to tie fenders to the side of the boat, but I had no choice if I wanted to stop future damage. I discovered VIVOHOME Vinyl Ribbed Marine Boat Fender after looking around the neighborhood marina and online. The fenders came with tie down ropes and were half the cost of any other fenders. I'm quite happy with this transaction.

4. polyform A-Series Buoy

polyform A-Series Buoy


a robust, adaptable buoy built by Polyform in the United States.

has a wide range of sizes and hues

It is frequently used as a marker or mooring buoy and works well as a boat fender.

produced from a single sheet of flexible, extra-strong vinyl with a reinforced rope-hold.

the boat 20 or more feet

This item arrives deflated. A Polyform Inflation Adapter with any common tire pump connection, a tapered nozzle blow gun, or a Polyform specialty hand pump can all be used to inflate Polyform valves.#


I bought this to use with a 22-pound claw anchor, and I attached it to a huge stainless steel caribeaner and a Shoreline Marine Anchor Retrieval Ring (also available on Amazon for about $10). You should watch some of the numerous online videos that demonstrate how to use anchor retrival systems, in my opinion.In 47 feet of water, 16 miles from the coast, my anchor was kept in place by some concrete fragments of an artificial reed. My previous go-to strategy was to tighten the rope and make wide circles around the anchor in an effort to free it. But in this instance, a different boat had anchored about 30 feet away from me.I had nothing to worry about because I quickly launched the retreval device and brought the anchor to the surface. Even the man on the nearby boat was astounded by what he observed happening because it seemed to happen so naturally.The Polyform Inflation Adapter, which costs about $5 and is also available on Amazon, is the sole drawback.

5. Taylor Made Products 1139, Pontoon Boat Rail Fender Hanger / Adjuster, Pack of 4

Taylor Made Products 1139, Pontoon Boat Rail Fender Hanger /  Adjuster, Pack of 4


designed to suit pontoon boats with both 1.25" and 1" square tube rails

the original fender clip for a pontoon rail

firmly clamps to square tubing but is rapidly and readily repositionable.

enables easy fenders height modification

made of dependable ABS plastic

Up to 3/8 inch lines#


These significantly improve the appearance of your pontoon. If you need to move the bumper to a different spot, you can just clip over the rail rather than having to re-tie it. When you leave the house, it's simple enough to undo and store without dealing with any difficult knots (depending on who tied it to the rail). Additionally, if the height of your railing varies from front to back, simply number them with a permanent marker. We decided to put four down each side of a 25-foot pontoon; we only used all four at the dock, but they were convenient to have when tying up to other boats. At the conclusion of the first season, we'll try to provide an update on how they do in the sun.

6. Goplus 4-Pack Ribbed Marine Boat Fender Tector Durable Vinyl Bumper Dock Shield Protection Bigger Size

Goplus 4-Pack Ribbed Marine Boat Fender Tector Durable Vinyl Bumper Dock Shield Protection Bigger Size


This boat fender's non-abrasive PVC construction and all-around ribbed protection provide a strong resistance to compression while also enhancing strength, boosting friction, and protecting the boat from abrasion. Additionally, there are more options for hanging them in the vertical or horizontal positions.

This boat fender, known as a "buffer collision," helps to prevent damage to your boat or other watercraft, especially when it speeds toward the shore or docks, and also occurs the unfortunate situation of colliding with other ships.

Service to Custo


fantastic bundle deal Over the years, I lost far too many of my large Taylor Made B Fenders, necessitating replacements. These are completely functional. Since they are inflatable, I can change the pressure for each user's needs and pump them back up as necessary. They were easy to put into operation right away because they arrived already inflated.

7. polyform HTM Series Boat Fenders

polyform HTM Series Boat Fenders


a Polyform boat fender with a hole across the middle that is created in the USA.

Four sizes are offered. HTM-1 through HTM-4 are intended for vessels between 20 and 50 feet long.

This fender comes pre-inflated and in one piece, and the inflation pressure can be changed using a Polyform inflation valve.

A durable, multipurpose fender with reinforced tube ends and moulded ribbing#


The rope on the bow barrier, which was composed of four of them and had a rope running through the center, broke during a recent storm. When the rope broke, I lost two. These did a wonderful job of replacing the missing bumpers. As we approach our slip, the bow barrier floats in the water to gently stop the bow of our sailboat. They are both beautiful and sturdy.

8. Shoreline Marine Ribbed Inflatable Fender

Shoreline Marine Ribbed Inflatable Fender



Since my pontoon boat is 25 feet long, the wrap-around outer rail of the boat is primarily protected. For the season, these are anchored to my dock permanently. If the lake periodically rises or falls due to rain or a lack thereof, I alter my height as necessary. A genuine test of durability is a permanent dock installation, and they are holding up well. I advise against overinflating. I believe they will last forever if you maintain them at 1.5 PSI. Depending on the size and form of your boat, these are suitable for any application. I use larger, longer fenders when docking outside of my home port.

9. New World Marine, Inc. Fendergrip

New World Marine, Inc. Fendergrip


fender racks absent

Push a button for immediate adjustment

constructed from tough, UV-stabilized DuPont Delrin

2 can be used to secure fenders to railings or lifelines.#


minimizes the amount of rope handling while making it easier to install your bumpers. The bumper location needs to be adjusted from dock to dock due to varied height docks. The procedure is sped up and made simpler after you get the feel of using this device. I'd unquestionably suggest this to other boaters.

10. attwood White One Size 93532-1 Dock Fender Straight Edge

attwood White One Size 93532-1 Dock Fender Straight Edge


soft, lightweight material that is simple to use on your boat

Installation is simple with three 5/16-inch holes.

Extremely durable; unaffected by crushing, deflation, splitting, or chalking

Products from Attwood are compatible and dependable, and they are designed and constructed with a never-fail mentality.

very strong UV and fade resistance#


Three mounting holes are solid and stay together effectively when a number 10 screw and washer are used. Since I've had them and been using them for about 3 months, there haven't been any concerns with mold developing on them or anything else.

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