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Finding the right cello rosin can be a tricky process. It's important to choose a rosin that is suitable for your instrument, playing style, and climate. Before you start shopping, it's important to understand the different types of rosin and how they affect your playing.

The most common type of cello rosin is cake rosin. This type of rosin is usually made from a combination of tree resins, beeswax, and other ingredients. Cake rosin provides a good grip on the strings, allowing for a stronger sound and more control over the instrument. It is best for players with a heavier playing style, as its grip can be too strong for those with a lighter touch.

Powder rosin is another popular type of cello rosin. It is made from finely ground tree resins, and has a much lighter grip than cake rosin. This type of rosin is best for those with a lighter playing style, as it provides a smoother sound and more control over the instrument. It is also better for warmer climates, as the lighter grip prevents the strings from sticking together.

Synthetic rosin is a newer form of cello rosin. It is made from a combination of synthetic resins and other elements. It is designed to provide a strong grip on the strings while still allowing for a smoother sound. Synthetic rosin is best for those who play in varying climates and require a more consistent feel on the strings.

When looking for the best cello rosin, it is important to consider your playing style, climate, and the type of instrument you are playing. Different types of rosin offer different levels of grip and sound, so it's important to find the one that works best for you. Once you have found the right type of rosin for your needs, you will be able to get the most out of your playing.

1. Pirastro Cellisto Cello Rosin (Original Version)

Pirastro Cellisto Cello Rosin (Original Version)


A simple plastic holder is used to fasten cellisto rosin on a cloth.

Designed in Germany

made from carefully chosen components and natural resins.

With Cello

Pirastro class#


My cello teacher advised me to try this. With mixed success, I had tried a number of other brands. This rosin has not caused me any problems. It applies rosin evenly on my bow and can clearly distinguish between the amount of "velcro" (as my instructor describes it) I currently have. Definitely a recommendation.

2. Melos Dark Cello Rosin

Melos Dark Cello Rosin


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I love it forever.However, the Dark Rosin that was supplied was very little and came in a standard box with a blue bag.(As in the photograph)Since the size is 1 inch or more in diameter and the "Sticky" given combined is 2 inches or more in diameter, I believe it to be half a cake.The order, in my opinion, is full size.To get the right size, I need to wait a few more weeks.

3. Sherman Cello Rosin

Sherman Cello Rosin


Excellent rosin in a convenient 2" wood holder with a lid

with cello

Players have traditionally used Sherman rosin as the norm.#


similar to what you'd find in a music store. If you have a youngster that is constantly dropping or misplacing things, it is a little less expensive to buy it online.

4. Pirastro Cello Rosin

Pirastro Cello Rosin


color amber

produced by the world's largest string manufacturer

Mobile Rosin#


I adore this rosin. good value for the money. Superb sound. Excellent grip without being overly sticky. I've tried the $30 and $70 rosins, but this one is the one I keep going back to. It can become powdery and leave a lot of residue on the strings, but because it doesn't clog them up as quickly, it's simple to remove. I still occasionally need to thoroughly clean with rubbing alcohol, but not nearly as frequently as with the softer rosin.

5. Eastar EAC-RO1 3 Pack Rosin Suits for Violin Viola Cello Rosin for Bows (3 Pack)

Eastar EAC-RO1 3 Pack Rosin Suits for Violin Viola Cello Rosin for Bows (3 Pack)


For the violin, viola, and cello, Eastar rosin works nicely.

Three items in one package, less pricing, better option for practitioners and novices.

Rosin's purity is increased by the secondary extraction process, which also lowers noise levels and enhances the beauty of the sound.

It is non-toxic and safe because it uses natural resin as its primary component.

Low dust rosin has the following benefits: strong adhesion, simple bow attachment, sensitive instrument pronunciation, and timbre.#


This rosin is excellent. comes in a cardboard box as a three pack. The actual "cakes" of rosin are contained in a plastic tray with a snap-on lid. I like the style. It applies smoothly (I tried it fresh and roughed up a bit with a knife tip). It comes in a cardboard box with the three packs. I experience good tone and friction. I'd advise using this rosin.

6. Sherman's VP-01C Bow Rosin - Cello - Dark

Sherman's VP-01C Bow Rosin - Cello - Dark


a two-inch, 30-gram black cake in a wooden stand

Fine-quality student-grade rosin that is suggested by establishments of learning

Please view our Product Description below for more information.#


I would recommend this device to any cellist, whether they are a beginner or an expert.

7. Kolstein Cello Rosin

Kolstein Cello Rosin


Almost no dust creates

shady rosin

A good rosin for players who have breathing problems

outstanding grip

rapid response#


According to my observations, there isn't an ideal rosin for every bow or instrument due to the many factors. Prior to utilizing Andrea, I used Hill and Hidersine. Up until I acquired a new bow, Andrea was flawless. None of them truly complemented the bow well. I chose to try Kolstein after reading several reviews. It provides just the perfect bite and maintains consistency over the length of the bow, in my opinion. According to many reviews, it didn't leave the instrument with as much dust as other rosins. Although I didn't discover that to be the case, I always clean the instrument after each session. The only issue I have with this rosin is that I have to use it much more frequently than I do with other rosins.

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