Best Dog Nursing Supplies in 2022

If you’re a pet parent, then you know that it’s important to take good care of your furry friend. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure that you have the right nursing supplies on hand to help keep your pup healthy and happy. But with so many different products on the market, it can be hard to know which ones are the best for your pup. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you find the best dog nursing supplies.

First, it’s important to make sure that you have the basics on hand. This includes items like a pet thermometer, a stethoscope, and supplies for cleaning and bandaging wounds. These items are essential for providing your pup with the care they need in a medical emergency. You should also make sure that you have supplies for administering medications, such as a pill crusher, pill pockets, and syringes.

Next, you should make sure that you have supplies for general grooming. This includes items like a flea comb, nail clippers, and a brush. Having these items on hand will help you keep your pup’s coat and nails in tip-top shape, and will also help you spot any potential health issues early on.

Finally, you should make sure you have supplies on hand to help your pup stay hydrated. This includes a water bowl, as well as a water bottle or dispenser. You should also consider having an electrolyte supplement on hand, which can help replace any fluids that your pup may have lost during exercise or illness.

By having the right nursing supplies on hand, you’ll be better prepared to care for your pup in any situation. Take the time to find the best supplies for your pup’s needs, and you’ll be sure to have a happy and healthy pup for years to come.

1. Allinko Dog Feeding Reminder Magnetic Reminder Sticker, AM/PM Daily Indication Chart Feed Your Puppy Dog Cat, Easy to Stick on Any Magnet or Plastic Surface - Prevent Overfeeding or Obesity

Allinko Dog Feeding Reminder Magnetic Reminder Sticker, AM/PM Daily Indication Chart Feed Your Puppy Dog Cat, Easy to Stick on Any Magnet or Plastic Surface - Prevent Overfeeding or Obesity


FOR COUPLES OR FAMILY: VERY USEFUL: Put an end to wondering who fed the dog. You can quickly determine if your dog or cat has eaten its daily meals by using our reminder chart.

Option for magnetic and adhesive stickers: Works with cabinet doors made of stainless steel, wood, white, or black.

PREVENTS OVERFEEDING OR OBESITY: After feeding the dog, slide the sliders over, and then every week, slide them all back. This graph can help you avoid overfeeding your dog and lower the likelihood of obesity.

KEEP TRACK OF PET FEEDING CALENDAR EASILY: You and your family can keep track of when the dog was fed using these slide buttons. Silver indicates that your dog is still hungry while green indicates that it has been fed.

IN YOUR HOME, EASY TO MOUNT OR HANG UP: It can be installed anywhere in your house using the magnetic or sticky sticker options. Just place it close to your washing machine or refrigerator. Alternatively, hang it on a wall next to your dog's bowls or the food by using mounting metal squares.#


Our dog was gaining weight, which was a problem for us. We didn't first understand what was causing this until we all sat down and discussed it. It turned out that the dog was receiving far more food than he ought to have. The failure to coordinate who fed the dog when led to this situation. That issue was fixed for us by this compact and reasonably priced equipment. They simply flick the switch every time someone feeds our puppy. Therefore, the subsequent person will be aware that the dog has already been fed and will refrain from giving the dog more food.

2. Miracle Nipple Mini for Pets and Wildlife

Miracle Nipple  Mini for Pets and Wildlife



I have nothing but positive things to say about this product.It is ideal for kittens just born. It's high time there was a correctly sized nipple. The length and wide base make it possible for the kitten to latch all the way to the face.I first bought with the intention of attaching to a bottle. On the other hand, when turned over down, milk streams out steadily. He had been using a larger four-paw bottle set with a cross-top opening, and I didn't want him to suffocate when he wasn't anticipating free-flowing milk. I reconnected the syringe's nipple to it. Without my having to press the plunger, the kitten was able to EASILY draw the milk from the syringe through the nipple.Because air bubbles made it impossible to determine how much milk was being consumed, the bottle was challenging to read. The syringe was extremely precise and virtually bubble-free. Since employing the syringe technique, he has hardly burped. More syringes were ordered.Image of Jasper, who is about 7 days old.

3. Did You Feed The Dog?

Did You Feed The Dog?


reduces dog obesity brought by by over feeding.

Version 4.0 is slimmer, with new "gravity sliders," magnets, and "gravity sliders"!

Patented Design (watch out for imitations!)

Note: Some (appliances with aluminium faces) may not respond to magnets.

self-adhesive mounting magnets included inside the device.

Simple and convenient to use

Perfect for homes with "multi-humans."#


Your life can be changed by the simplest of ideas. We attached it directly to the plastic dog food container using the included double-sided stickers. Do not ask anyone again if they fed the dog. Did you feed the dog?

4. Baxter IV Set with Extra Port

Baxter IV Set with Extra Port


IV Kit with Additional Port



The best option is Baxter. On other tubings I've tried, the roller clamps are challenging to close. I deduct one star because I would have preferred to be able to order a shorter, easier-to-use tubing for my intended use—giving my elderly bunny subcutaneous fluids. The tubing is fine, but I don't need the extra ports. When you order, you are ordering 1 tube, which is packaged in a sterile container. There is a luer lock male adaptor on the tubing's end. If it helps, you must purchase needles separately and with a luer lock female end.

5. HomeAgain Microchip Implant Kit for Administration by Veterinarian

HomeAgain Microchip Implant Kit for Administration by Veterinarian


For speedy recuperation, an identification code may be registered with the American Kennel Club.

Only your pet is detected by the implant chip's unique ID code.

injects quickly and safely beneath the surface of the pet's skin.

ISO Chip 134 KHz#


Without a doubt, the needle is large (12 gauge). But he didn't even blink because he was so preoccupied with the food we were giving him, so I'm assuming it's very keen.It's great pleasure to tell folks we did it ourselves because it really captures their attention (and I love to stir the pot). It's commonly believed that the "typical individual" is only capable of accomplishing the one thing they do for a living.You simply need to be wise about it and conduct some YouTube study. Make sure the fur is completely submerged in alcohol (scrub a bit - will not kill him). Do not remove the syringe from its packaging until you are completely prepared to use it (the longer you keep things clean, the less chance of any infection). Moreover, wash your hands several times prior to injecting (i.e., wash hands, prepare your supplies, wash hands, clean the injection site, wash hands again, inject, withdraw the needle, and apply a little pressure for about 10 seconds (no harm)), and then wash your hands once more. Plunger and needle cannot be separated, so everything must be disposed of in a sharps container (hit up any place that sells or does medical stuff - they will have a place to dispose of sharps). DO NOT discard in the trash (if garbage man gets poked he will probably come burn your house down).

6. RC Pet Products Pocket Pet First Aid Kit

RC Pet Products Pocket Pet First Aid Kit


The pocket-sized design is portable and ideal for daily use.

Include three gauze pads, a first aid tape, a walks 'n' wags pet first aid brochure, and latex-free exam gloves.

Waste bag gateway with two purposes

one gauze pbt bandage roll, four antiseptic wipes, two patch adhesive bandages, and one elastic bandage are included.

Carabiner for quick leash or backpack attachment#


Only four stars because, while we are out walking, the zipper keeps spontaneously opening. The objects unintentionally fall out of the pouch as a result. The seller is fantastic and sent me another one without any questions. If you leave the pouch outside or in a bag and only take brief hikes, it should be alright. Every two days or so, due to our morning stroll of about an hour and a half, the zipper opens up. I believe it to be a design flaw because the hanging thingy or the zipper should have been placed on the opposite sides to solve the issue. Just a suggestion for the seller or designer:) The zipper hardware is kind of heavy and sits at the top of the bag, and gravity alone will pull it down over time. Nevertheless, is a wonderful and practical item to have on hand for your dogs.

7. Pet Feeding Bottle Can Squeeze Liquid Feeding Kit and Replacement Mini Nipples for Kitten Puppy Small Animals Feeding Tool

Pet Feeding Bottle Can Squeeze Liquid Feeding Kit and Replacement Mini Nipples for Kitten Puppy Small Animals Feeding Tool



They first worked wonderfully, however they are very disposable. Sadly, I was unable to use all day. A disposable syringe usually lasts me a few uses before it breaks. I had to replace these after they were used for two feedings of baby squirrels. The bottle kept me alive while I awaited new syringes, but it wasn't the best technique to feed newborn squirrels.

8. Four Paws Pet Nursing Bottle Kit

Four Paws Pet Nursing Bottle Kit


provides food for pets like hamsters and gerbils.

available in three-kit sets

Four Paws he


My sister had to bottle-feed three 1-day-old kittens that she discovered. The kittens battled her every time she fed them since the pet store bottles she purchased had stiffer nipples. These were considerably more flexible, and they made it much simpler to feed three hungry kittens.

9. Vet Worthy Pet Oral Syringe for Dogs

Vet Worthy Pet Oral Syringe for Dogs


preferred for liquid medications

simple to handle

35 cc in volume#


When my tiny puppy got sick, I couldn't find anything in the neighborhood stores, so I bought these. She had terrible diarrhea, so I needed something to make it simpler for me to provide her liquid medication. The next time one of my furry pets becomes sick, I'll be ready. These syringes are excellent. The size is good. I'll make an effort to give my dogs their medication or to force feed a sick dog. Thankfully, none of my children have been so ill, but I'm pleased I have them on hand. It's annoying when you need one and nobody in the area has any on hand.

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