Best Equestrian Girths in 2022

When it comes to finding the best equestrian girths for your horse, it can be a daunting task. With so many materials, sizes, and designs to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make sure you find the perfect girth for your horse.

First, take the time to measure your horse for the best fit. This will help you narrow down your search to girths that will fit your horse properly. Make sure to measure the horse’s girth just behind the elbow and also take into account any special needs your horse may have, such as a wide chest or wide girth.

Next, consider the material of the girth. Leather girths are the most popular choice, but there are also synthetic options available. Leather is generally more comfortable for the horse and more durable, but synthetics may be more affordable and easier to clean.

Finally, look at the design of the girth. The majority of girths have buckles, but some have elasticized features to allow for greater flexibility and movement. Additionally, some girths have contoured shapes to help reduce rubbing and pinching. Consider the design of the girth to make sure it works best for your horse’s anatomy.

Finding the best equestrian girths for your horse can be a difficult task, but with a bit of research and guidance, you can find the perfect girth for your horse. Take the time to measure your horse, consider the material and design of the girth, and you’ll be sure to find the best girth for your horse.

1. Weaver Leather Felt Lined Smart Cinch with Roll Snug Cinch Buckle

Weaver Leather Felt Lined Smart Cinch with Roll Snug Cinch Buckle


On the horse, nylon with felt lining is cosy.

Stainless steel buckle and dees that won't rust

Off-billet nylon holder#


This cinch is nice. Weaver's prong size appears to have returned to normal (smaller). It bothered me when the prong was very large. made well. Sizes that are difficult to obtain at tack shops are available on Amazon, and the price is fair. These cinches are durable and seldom ever show signs of wear. Neoprene can become sweaty and slippery, therefore I prefer the felt lined option. The clever cinch mechanism is also quite useful in my opinion.

2. Weaver Leather 100% Mohair Cinch

Weaver Leather 100% Mohair Cinch


Leather center accent and off-bill holder on a sunset harness

Traditional skirting leather is packed with extra tallow and oils to prevent it from absorbing moisture and perspiration, which makes it stiffen and annoy your horse.

Stainless steel hardware that won't rust#


No more slippage on my spotted saddle horse thanks to this. It is sturdy, well-made, and soft. I missed it in the pictures, but the metal components have a lovely carved scroll pattern. Both my trail saddle and a show saddle would look great with it.

3. Ovation OVSELLERIE Airform Chafeless Girth

Ovation OVSELLERIE Airform Chafeless Girth



One side of the double elastic allows for simple full adjustability and lessens pressure as your horse moves.

The girth straps and your hands can be used for a longer period of time thanks to the stainless steel roller buckles.

No matter how much use it receives, it maintains its wonderfully soft feel and is cushioned for airflow.

may be quickly cleaned with a sponge.#


Good quality microfiber type girth, comfortable for the horse, attractive color, elastic helps when tightening it up—all things that make me rather delighted with this purchase.PLEASE NOTE: If you found this review helpful, kindly click the "like" button. I sincerely appreciate your support in enabling me to continue providing frank and unbiased reviews on goods I've used and about which you might have queries. Do you want a product reviewed because you're interested in it but don't know enough about it? Please inform me so I can see what I can do. Follow me for a wide range of reviews on things you've bought.I'm grateful.

4. Intrepid International Fleece English Girth with Double Elastic

Intrepid International Fleece English Girth with Double Elastic



This girth matches my expectations precisely. Because my horse is so picky about being bred up, I needed something supple, flexible, and cozy. This girth is precisely what I anticipated it to be. I chose a size 40 inch even though my horse is quite little. She is about 14 hands, and she is also not very big in the barrel. It fits her like a glove!

5. Intrepid International Leather English Girth Extender

Intrepid International Leather English Girth Extender


Made in the USA

English Leather

Buckles made of stainless steel#


For use on a pony- or youth-sized saddle with incredibly short billets, I purchased a pair of these. They're good, however they look rather stiff to me. Since the weather has prevented us from riding, I haven't used them yet, but I believe they will serve our purpose.

6. Total Saddle Fit - Shoulder Relief Girth - Synthetic

Total Saddle Fit - Shoulder Relief Girth - Synthetic


Cutaway for comfort and elbow clearance

synthetic substance that's antimicrobial and simple to maintain

With elastic-wrapped stainless steel buckles, the girth body is padded and reinforced.

Unique design eliminates saddle interference and soreness from the horse's shoulders.#


This girth is awesome! My mattes sheepskin girth was even aggravating my horse's previous tender places behind his shoulders. I tried several alternative girth shapes that wouldn't disturb those regions, but only this one left them entirely clear. Since those regions are no longer being touched, he is much more at ease, and his shoulder movement has greatly improved. The lengthenings are progressing well. The content is also fantastic. The leather version is so stiff and just seems unpleasant to me, so I didn't want it. This one is just rigid enough to keep its shape and feel solid, yet just flexible enough to not feel like a board. It is also really simple to clean. When I tighten the girth, the material has just enough grip to keep my horse's skin from being pinched, but it's not all neoprene like some girths, so it doesn't seem like it's slipping around. awesome purchase I would suggest it to anyone who wants a contoured girth for shoulder relaxation but doesn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a hard leather one. furthermore has a wool cover made of sheepskin, which I might get for my horse for the holidays.

7. Total Saddle Fit - Shoulder Relief Cinch - Western Cinch

Total Saddle Fit - Shoulder Relief Cinch - Western Cinch


Removable Liner: A 7mm thick neoprene liner that attaches with velcro allows for simple cleaning and interchangeability. A fleece liner is also available for an additional $30; see drop down menu. Neoprene is common.

Elbow Comfort - For further comfort, cutaways in the cinch should be used to move the cinch away from the horse's elbow.

Top Grade Leather - Constructed from extremely durable, premium saddlery leather.

Better Saddle Fit - Correctly fitting saddles even increase a horse's range of motion!

Full range of shoulder motion is possible under the saddle thanks to intelligent design that eliminates interference from the tree.#


Wow! I adore this quick fix!! This is an absolute necessity if you own gaited horses! Short-backed sensitive, with little wither, my one gaited MFT mare. After finally finding a saddle that suited properly, I ran into a cinch issue. I've tried so many different types of cinches on this girl, and they all eventually would slide below the elbow and squeeze to hurt her. or worse, torment her. The distinction between my mare's conduct and everything else astounds me. She is joyful and walks much more freely. I find it hard to believe that this was never considered before. For the horse owned by my husband, I'm getting another. The convenience for your horse makes the cost worthwhile.

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