Best Gym Drawstring Bags in 2022

Gym Drawstring Bags are a great way to help you stay organized and stylish while you head to the gym. With so many options available, it can be hard to decide which one is the best for you. To make sure you get the perfect drawstring bag for your needs, here are some key factors to consider when looking for one.

First, think about what size bag you need. Gym drawstring bags come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small and lightweight to larger and more spacious. Consider what type of items you plan to take with you to the gym and how much space you will need. Some bags even come with extra pockets and compartments to keep your items organized.

Next, consider the material of the bag. The most common materials used for gym drawstring bags are nylon and polyester. Nylon is lightweight and durable, while polyester is more water-resistant and easy to clean. Both materials are great options, but depending on your activities and needs, one may be better suited for you.

Finally, look at the features of the bag. Many gym drawstring bags come with adjustable straps, compartments for organization, and extra pockets for items like water bottles or your gym card. Some bags also feature reflective strips for visibility in the dark and waterproof fabric for those rainy days. Look for a bag that has all the features you need and fits your style.

By considering these factors, you can easily narrow down your choices and find the best gym drawstring bag for your needs. With the perfect bag, you’ll be able to stay stylish and organized as you head to the gym.

1. Nike Brasilia Training Gymsack

Nike Brasilia Training Gymsack



I use this bag to carry around any other items I need to go to the gym, such as gloves and resistance bands. This type of bag appeals to me because it is portable and light. I didn't want to lug a big, heavy object around the gym. If you need to carry that or any other stuff but don't want to carry a big bag, this backpack is ideal. It has two portions inside and is very roomy. Additionally, it has a zippable, sizable side pocket on the outside. I feel as though this bag is durable enough to do so even though I don't carry anything particularly bulky or incredibly heavy in it.Without a doubt, I would buy this bag again. I adore the gray that I ordered!

2. Mermaid Reversible Sequin Drawstring Backpack/Bag Blue/Pink for Kids Girls

Mermaid Reversible Sequin Drawstring Backpack/Bag Blue/Pink for Kids Girls



I rarely leave reviews, but this bag really impressed me! I figured this would behave the same way as my daughter's many reversible pillows, which normally stay after a number of flips and are challenging to flip back in certain places. She has constantly flipped them since receiving this backpack, and so far none have become trapped. I have no idea how they managed it. My daughter has a propensity to spill her water bottles, so this is excellent, and we don't mind the noise. The interior is a nice strong duty vinyl-like plastic, which makes it a little noisy when pulling items in and out of it. I would heartily suggest this product for the price, but especially for the quality.

3. HOLYLUCK Drawstring Backpack Bag Sport Gym Sackpack

HOLYLUCK Drawstring Backpack Bag Sport Gym Sackpack



I've had this purse for about three weeks and I adore it. The cordered straps appear to be well-made and I don't believe they will unravel. The maroon hue is ideal. I didn't have a front zipper pocket on my previous drawstring bag, so that feature is really handy. I decided to wear it at a festival with the exterior zipper pocket facing my body to assist fight off pickpockets, even though an interior pocket would have been wonderful. However, it is simply a matter of personal opinion. The cavas material is pretty good, and I believe that it would be somewhat water resistant, which is nice for Oregon's sometimes rainy climate. I'm thrilled with this purchase. It is a little bit smaller than the name-brand bags I was considering, which, in all honesty, makes me happy because those seem enormous to me. When I don't want to wear a purse, I primarily use this to carry my crochet projects or festival essentials.

4. Unicorn Gifts for Girls - Unicorn Drawstring Backpack/Makeup Bag/Bracelet/Inspirational Necklace/Hair Ties (White Flower)

Unicorn Gifts for Girls - Unicorn Drawstring Backpack/Makeup Bag/Bracelet/Inspirational Necklace/Hair Ties (White Flower)



I was a little concerned that this would be a low-quality item, but the necklace, bracelets, hair ties, backpack, and makeup bag are all excellent and I couldn't be happier. Since they are all stocking stuffers, it will be fantastic to be able to maintain the theme.

5. MHJY Unciorn Drawstring Bag Reversible Mermaid Sequin Bag Sparkly Gym Dance Backpack Bling Travel Bag

MHJY Unciorn Drawstring Bag Reversible Mermaid Sequin Bag Sparkly Gym Dance Backpack Bling Travel Bag



This packback's various colors are stunning. For Christmas, I gave it to my granddaughter. It was clear when she opened it that I had not misjudged the bag's elegance. Inside and out, it is of high quality. With a touch of your palm, sequins reverse and lay down softly.Although the solid teal to black that I also ordered was lovely, this one is the clear favorite. I hope my review is helpful if you are on the fence. has a positively retro 1960s hippy appearance. It is enjoyable, practical, roomy, and essential. I just adore it.

6. Nike Brasilia Training Gymsack

Nike Brasilia Training Gymsack


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It can hold a lot, which I appreciated. Particularly considering the cost, it's extremely excellent! Its front pocket and interior partition are features I liked. Just like the adidas one, I wish it had tiny side pockets to store water bottles. When I measured it against my adidas, I found that the Nike was about 5 inches taller and possibly 2 inches broader.

7. Mermaid Sequin Drawstring Bags Reversible Sequin Dance Bags Christmas Gifts for Girls

Mermaid Sequin Drawstring Bags Reversible Sequin Dance Bags Christmas Gifts for Girls


Reversible polyester and sequin magic

Flip drawstring purses with sequins are ideal for dancing, shopping, outdoor camping, hiking, leisurely strolling, yoga, picnics, travel, and the beach. A magical sequin bag with room for everything you need, including your phone, purse, notebook, pen, and snacks

You can use it as a ballet dancing duffle bag, outdoor sports backpack, yoga gym bag, beach bag, or school, and it has a soft polyester back and an additional inside zipper pocket to keep keys, money, and other small stuff. This will make your ladies seem gorgeous.

Magically sparkling mermaid backpack with two separate sparkling sequins on one side of the bag that you may flip up to mark whatever symbols or original patterns you desire.

Unlike competing bags, our sequin bags have thicker braided cord that is more pleasant for the shoulders and sturdy, and the length can be changed to fit children of various ages.

Size: 13.7 by 17.7 inches (35 by 45 centimeters). An eye-catching gift for young girls, daughters, and granddaughters for Christmas, their birthdays, festivals, parties, or back to school#


My ten-year-old daughter absolutely adores the bag, which I gave her for her birthday. It hasn't torn as easily as I though it would because it is a little on the thin side. She packed a lot of things inside, and it has held up really well. I advise utilizing this as a sort of purse or additional bag, or even as an overnight bag. It doesn't market itself as a backpack and isn't intended for that function. Despite everything it has gone through, it is lovely and remains in excellent condition! For my 12-year-old, I intend to get another one.

8. Speedo Printed Deluxe Ventilator Mesh Back

Speedo Printed Deluxe Ventilator Mesh Back


shoulder straps for carrying a backpack

100% Polyester

Speedo mesh bag in a traditional design with updated styling and superior materials.

Mesh with an open weave for durability and speedy drying#


This bag is just right. My 6-year-old daughter has just joined the swim team. She has more than enough supplies in this bag. Fins, kickback, goggles, a swimsuit, a towel, shoes, and a change of clothes may all fit inside the main compartment with room to spare. The zipped compartment is perfect for holding all of her small items, including shampoo, hair elastics, and a hairbrush. Even having a spot for a water bottle is fantastic. She is so petite that the adjustable backpack straps are a godsend, but with just a little tug on the straps, she can wear it just as comfortably as her teenage peers. All of her teammates had one of these, and we gave it to her with her name embroidered on it. This bag is very fantastic!Since I wrote my original review, three of my daughter's swim teammates have ordered the same bag and asked me to emblazon it with their names as well. It has emerged as the newest fashion at their pool. I've included a photo to demonstrate how the bag appears with basic embroidery. Since it's difficult to discern from the example photos, I've also included a picture to demonstrate the true distinction between the two lighter blues adjacent to one another. Grotto blue is the color of the left bag, while imperial blue is the color of the right bag.

9. Drawstring Backpack Sports Gym Bag for Women Men Children Large Size with Zipper and Water Bottle Mesh Pockets

Drawstring Backpack Sports Gym Bag for Women Men Children Large Size with Zipper and Water Bottle Mesh Pockets


Any gym bag that rips or breaks within a year of purchase will be replaced or refunded. Send us a message on Amazon for prompt assistance.

BeeGreen Drawstring Backpack Black for the gym is manufactured of HIGH-DENSITY OXFORD, which is SUPER sturdy and withstands daily wear and tear. Drawstring closure allows you to swiftly store items and remove them with ease. Thick drawstrings help lighten the load on your shoulders by preventing them from digging in.

Spacious SIZE: The BeeGreen Gym Bag for Men is 16" x 20" and has a large compartment large enough to store a range of items such athletic clothing and shoes, gloves, sport towels, swim gear, and daily necessities. Men's BeeGreen backpacks are ideal for a variety of activities, including teamwork, training, traveling, camping, yoga, and dancing. The gym bag drawstring is a wonderful present for kids, adults, and everyone in between.

CONVENIENT MULTI POCKETS: The front huge zipper pocket measures 20" height by full length by 10" wide and is ideal for keeping knickknacks close at hand without having to search through the entire athletic bag. To deter pickpockets, there is an additional inside zipper compartment that is 7" x 7", large enough to contain modest items like a sport watch, wallet, or cellphone. The front of the sport bag backpack has a second side mesh pocket with elastic that can be used to store sunscreen, an umbrella, sippers, and a water bottle.

Any drawstring bag must be machine washable in order to be effective.Machine washing, mild detergent, and hanging drying are all recommended for BeeGreen string bags!#


My expectations were exceeded by this item. It was bigger than I had anticipated, but if you need a backpack to carry school books, a tiny laptop, etc., it's definitely a plus. It has an exterior pocket that can fit either two half-liter bottles or one large water bottle. Because of the waterproof nature of the material, the contents of the bag won't get wet from sweating off a cold water bottle. The fabric and cords are both incredibly robust. Outside, it is a zippered pouch that can easily fit my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (a roughly 10-inch tablet) and has a slot you can use to insert your headphone wire so you can connect your tablet, etc., for music playing. Within the main area, there is another zippered pouch near the top that might house your iPhone, sunglasses case, wallet, etc. It's big enough to hold your gym clothing, shoes, and a towel. You could even use it as a gym bag.

10. TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack

TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack


Material: artificial

Front mesh and side pockets with hydration bottle storage

Size: 25 L

Entry: Top

Backpack shoulder straps#


I adore this purse! Nothing more needs to be said; it is strong, lightweight, and adorable! Colors are vivid and accurate to photographs. This purchase is a lifesaver for someone who typically throws everything into a gym bag only to have it smell sort of stale and unpleasant. TYR always kills it with their items. With plenty of capacity, I managed to fit a kickboard, pull buoy, towel, extra suit, swim hat, pair of goggles, and a water bottle inside. One would be lovely, I want to get one for my spouse!

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