Best Octane Boosters in 2022

Are you looking for the best octane booster to improve your vehicle’s performance? Octane boosters are a great way to increase the power and efficiency of your engine, and there are dozens of products available on the market. But, with so many options, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your needs.

The first thing to consider when looking for the best octane booster is the type of engine you have. Different types of engines require different types of octane boosters, so it’s important to make sure you select one that is specifically designed for your engine.

Next, you’ll want to consider the ingredients in the octane booster. Most boosters contain a combination of chemicals, including ethanol, methanol, and lead compounds. Generally, the higher the concentration of these compounds, the more powerful the octane booster will be. However, you should also be sure to check the product label to make sure the ingredients are safe for your vehicle.

Finally, you’ll want to consider the cost of the octane booster. Some products are more expensive than others, but you should also look at the effectiveness of the product. Generally, the more expensive boosters are more powerful and effective than the cheaper ones.

By following these tips, you should be able to find the best octane booster for your needs. Just remember to do your research and read the product labels before making a purchase. With the right product, you’ll be able to improve the performance of your vehicle and enjoy the benefits of increased power and efficiency.

1. Snow Performance SNO-40008 Boost Juice (Case of 4 Gallons)

Snow Performance SNO-40008 Boost Juice (Case of 4 Gallons)


outstanding quality control

increases the performance and life of the brakes.

comprehensive field testing and cutting-edge engineering#


It is a genuine snow performance item. My water meth kit worked without a hitch. My setup consists of an AEM mounted on a cruze.

2. Lubegard 77012 Fuel System Booster Cleaner - 16 oz.

Lubegard 77012 Fuel System Booster Cleaner - 16 oz.


contains a special patented polyether amine (PEA) detergent technology that beats rivals and is the most effective chemistry for comprehensive fuel system clean-up.

Perfect for brand-new DIG fuel systems

can be utilized with both gasoline and diesel engines.

An exclusive FLA additive lubricates fuel pumps and injectors.

stabilizes fuel, particularly when stored#


I've used a lot of fuel cleansers, but this one seems to be the most effective. My average fuel economy had dropped to around 17.5 MPG. Over the course of a tank, this gradually increased it to 21.5MPG. In the engine, I added another additive. Although there may be a joint effect, Lubeguard seems to be the main player in this case. Let's see how long the improvements will last. But it appears to be very cost-efficient and effective.

3. BOOSTane Professional Octane Booster 32oz (1 Pack)

BOOSTane Professional Octane Booster 32oz (1 Pack)


Ideal for usage in turbocharged, blower motors, and high compression engines.

anti-ethanol corrosion protection. keeps the phases from separating. carbon buildup prevention.

exclusive chelated carrier. cleaning solutions. fuel lifespan extension.

True Octane Boo


This material is just amazing in terms of performance! I am unable to determine whether this is genuinely cleaning my engine components because I am not in a lab, but I can clearly notice a difference in performance.I own a Volkswagen Touareg with an electric assist supercharged 3 liter V6 engine. The highest octane I can buy in Arizona, aside from the extremely expensive 100 octane, is 91, which is the minimum octane my engine can handle. To check for a difference, I made my test mixture for my first can on the high side. I was operating at about 98 octane, as per their mixing table. The suggested octane for my engine is 95, so I got several more cans with the intention of using that octane in my automobile.By using this product, the hesitancy when accelerating quickly has completely disappeared. Before this product convinced me otherwise, I had initially assumed that my plugs or wires were defective.

4. Lucas Oil 10026-PK12 Octane Booster - 15 oz (Pack of 12)

Lucas Oil 10026-PK12 Octane Booster - 15 oz (Pack of 12)


sold in 12-pack plastic cases.

more energy than the majority of other brands

encourages the use of clean fuels to reduce emissions

suitable for use in engines that utilise fuel injection and carburetion

Safe for catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, and turbochargers#


This item was suggested to me by my neighborhood custom auto shop. I purchased the case, and I am pleased with the sleep performance my 1969 cook her application is receiving.This item was suggested to me by my neighborhood custom auto shop. I am pleased with the sleep performance I am receiving in my 1969 cover application since I purchased the case.For this muscle car application, I can't say the mileage is much different, but the case value is unquestionably superior to buying individual bottles. identical results when I applied for a 2014 F150.

5. STP Octane Booster (5.25 fluid ounces) (Case of 12)

STP Octane Booster (5.25 fluid ounces) (Case of 12)


reduces pinging and banging

regains momentum and power

whenever you fill up your tank, use frequently.

Compatible with gas systems without caps

Octane is increased and the gasoline intake system is cleaned by this dual-purpose solution.#


I enjoy that buying a case of 12 costs less than purchasing them individually from a store. They arrived in good condition and were leak-free. As I drive a 2010 Shelby GT500 with a 93 tune on 91 premium at 4700ft altitude, I hardly detect any performance improvement with these. Although I'm sure it works much better for non-supercharged vehicles, I can't really complain because that's all I was hoping for.

6. RaceGas 100032 Race Fuel Concentrate 100 to 105 Octane

RaceGas 100032 Race Fuel Concentrate 100 to 105 Octane


These Products Have Exceptionally High Order Fulfillment Rates And A Wide Range Of Products Are Available

By being innovative, productive, and creative, this brand keeps producing the best automotive accessories.

These Heavy-Duty Shop Products Are A Full Line.#


After Dragon Racing Fuel in my area changed its name to Outlaw and stopped carrying a fuel like this, I learned about Race Gas additions.When I drive my automobile a distance that is too great from my 55 gallon drum at home, I combine this stuff to increase the octane of pump gas. Therefore, if I need to get home quickly, I can stop at a gas station and mix this things there rather than hauling my timing lamp and tools to pull timing.Although it doesn't smell exactly like the real thing, pump gas, it does smell different.I'm going to buy a case to have on hand after the next show.

7. 104+ 10406-6PK Octane Boost, 16 Fl. oz. (Pack of 6)

104+ 10406-6PK Octane Boost, 16 Fl. oz. (Pack of 6)


increases power!

decreases pings, pinging, and hesitation

increase your gas mileage

Safe for oxygen sensors and catalytic converters

fuel injectors are cleaned#


For more than a year, I've been running 104 in my '73 MG-B. (recommended by my MG specialist). A "Miracle Worker" it is. higher power while using less fuel (more miles-per-gallon). I noticed the engine was completely smooth after operating it for the FIRST time. Over the years, I'd used a variety of products, but none of them had any positive effects on the engine. I'm very grateful that Sports Car Warehouse in Arlington, Texas, my technician, recommended this item.Although that might sound a little excessive, what I'm saying is true. Now, I order from Amazon in six-packs and give my kids 104 for their older cars!

8. BOOSTane Premium Octane Booster (1 Pack)

BOOSTane Premium Octane Booster (1 Pack)


protection against ethanol corrosion

exclusive chelated carrier

2 stroke engines and LOWER Compression Engines

anti-carbon accumulation

cleaning solutions#


When I upgraded the turbo on my 2015 Fiesta ST, I used this. This helped me increase my octane during my final tweaking. Although this vehicle lacks an octane sensor, all of my incorrect ignition timing changes were removed. Additionally, this has rendered useless any knock readings for an entire tank of gas. This is a fantastic solution for people who don't have access to race fuel or drive their automobiles to the track on the street. To get 100 octane, this product saves me more than $10 a tank compared to local gas prices.

9. Cataclean 120018CAT Cataclean Fuel And Exhaust System Cleaner Special Formula For Use w/Gasoline Engines 3 Liters Cataclean Fuel And Exhaust System Cleaner

Cataclean 120018CAT Cataclean Fuel And Exhaust System Cleaner Special Formula For Use w/Gasoline Engines 3 Liters Cataclean Fuel And Exhaust System Cleaner


Treats up to 30 gallons of fuel in a 3L package.

restores, protects, and helps maintain the cylinder heads, oxygen sensors, fuel injectors, and catalytic converter.

Safe for ethanol fuels such as E10, E15, and E85#


On my 1997 Ford E150, which has 145k miles on it and consumes a quart of oil every 4000 miles, I've been dealing with an intermittent check engine light issue for the past two years. The 420 code was active the last time. O2 sensor or catalytic converter malfunction? Maybe. I read the testimonials on Cataclean before researching them and decided to give it a try for 42 dollars. I was not sure.It worked, which is wonderful news! I applied the first time as instructed, but I got no response. ran through an entire tank of fuel. then repeat as others have advised. I then followed the instructions once more, and BAM, halfway through the second full tank, the light stopped flashing when I turned on the car. I've used up that tank of gas and am about a quarter of the way through the next tank of pure gas. Still no lights on. When I have used two more full tanks of gas only, I will update this post. I will give this product five stars if the light remains off for them.Follow-up: March 10, 2018. When I refilled with gas from the grocery shop, the light turned back on. The light has been off since I turned the gas pump back on.

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