Best Predator Calls & Lures in 2022

Predator calls and lures are essential tools for hunting and trapping predators. Whether you’re hunting coyotes, foxes, bobcats, or any other predator, the right call or lure can make all the difference. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to know which one is best for you and your prey. Here are some tips for finding the best predator calls and lures for your needs.

First, consider the type of predator you’re targeting. Different predators respond to different calls, so it’s important to choose one that will be most effective for your intended quarry. For example, coyotes are more likely to respond to distress calls, while foxes are more likely to respond to coyote howls. Knowing the type of predator you’re targeting will help you narrow down your choices and make it easier to find the right call or lure.

Second, consider the type of call or lure you want to use. There are a variety of calls and lures available, from electronic calls to hand calls to scents and decoys. Each type of call or lure has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for before making a purchase.

Finally, research the available options. Read reviews online to get an idea of which calls and lures are most popular with hunters and trappers. You can also ask for advice from experienced hunters or visit your local hunting store for advice. This will help you make an informed decision and ensure that you get the best call or lure for your needs.

By following these tips, you’ll be sure to find the best predator calls and lures for your next hunting or trapping trip. Good luck and happy hunting!

1. FOXPRO HammerJack American Made Electronic Predator Call

FOXPRO HammerJack American Made Electronic Predator Call


With FOXCAST sequence files, calling is virtually hands-free.

features 100 sounds, including 111 free sounds (300 sound capacity)

After firing your weapon, Fox Bang automatically coordinates your caller to a predefined location.

Fox Jack ruse (included)

a system with two amplified speakers#


The product performs precisely as promised. It has many of calls, is strong, and is easy to use. If you get this and are unable to call in a coyote, bobcat, fox, or raccoon (so far what I've used it for), you should simply practice hunting more or go out hunting more frequently (not every stand is a hit, especially if you hunt in pressured areas). The timer that tells you how long you've been on the phone is among the most helpful features. This provides you with a solid indication of when to give up on a given spot.Hope this was useful. Happy searching!

2. Primos Coyote Bear Buster Call

Primos Coyote Bear Buster Call


reproduces a juvenile deer's distress bleat or bawl, which is a common source of food for coyotes, bears, and other predators.

All Primos items are made with high-quality materials.

either very quietly or very loudly blown

100% created and tested for the most challenging circumstances and environments

Primos will be appropriate for all types of users, whether they are professionals, leisure users, or even casual users.#


To become proficient with any call system and learn how to produce sounds that are "just right," it takes a lot of practice (over and over again). This is an excellent fawn bleat for the size and, when utilized in the proper season, can attract concerned does. Although I haven't used it on coyotes yet, I have a feeling it will trick them as well. The real secret to using a call successfully is to simply be aware of your own scent and the direction of the wind, followed by knowledge of how frequently to use the call. It's a lot of pleasure to simply sit in the woods on a cool evening and practice. As they say, practice makes perfect.

3. Flambeau 115W Wood Quail Call Lure

Flambeau 115W Wood Quail Call Lure


makes a fantastic hawk call as well.

Made with pride in the USA

constructed entirely of wood

Field tested

built primarily for California "topknot" quail but also works flawlessly for Bobwhite and Chukar#


for calling California Valley Quail is EXTREMELY successful. and easy to use It is not like learning to use a duck call, where many duck hunters drive away ducks by using the improper call. The exact reverse is true: the first time you use it, you can make a flawless call! Simply pronounce the quail rallying call, "chee-kwah-tuh," which means "all you birds come here to daddy." I acquired my first call of this sort sometime in the 1960s, and thankfully, they haven't changed at all; they are still constructed of real wood and have the same wonderful sound.

4. Ha-Yardel-Feets SW-92 Mr Squirrel Whistle

Ha-Yardel-Feets SW-92 Mr Squirrel Whistle


makes them bark and, occasionally, move in your direction.

imitates a baby squirrel's distress call.

It works! attracts squirrels#


Unbelievable. I had been hunting with a family member in some pretty tall wood in a creek bottom, and we had already killed a few squirrels. They appeared to be a little frightened and hiding, so I made the decision to let them know. I took a small sapling and began shaking it as I sucked in on the call, just as the packet had suggested. A good-sized male emerged from cover in less than 5 seconds and was struck by my 12 gauge.

5. Primos Crow Call

Primos Crow Call


very raspy

excellent finder for turkeys

outstanding for calling crows#


Use Google Ways to Call and YouTube to practice your calls. It does make horn-like noises when you simply blow. I'm still working on it. Although I haven't been able to call them, seeing them in the trees has woken them up. To be able to call them in for food would be nice.

6. Primos Hunting 3756 Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call

Primos Hunting 3756 Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call


All Primos items are made with high-quality materials.

100% created and tested for the most challenging conditions and environments

All speakers are aimed at providing 180-degree calling coverage or clear, focused, and loud sound in one direction.

rotating speaker system for realistic, dynamic sounds

a comfortable remote with a full-color display and simple controls

People have trusted Primos for many years. products that are built to last in the harshest environments and are made of high-quality materials. Never settle for less than the brand that others in the industry trust.

Made of durable plastic, the Primos Alpha Dogg Electronic Call is light and portable.#


I paid $139 for this, and it's great. There are many professional hunting calls that sound real and are preprogrammed. Even at maximum volume, this is loud and clearly audible. Need to capture a coyote before reassessing the caller. To use with Stray Cat Predator and Sit

7. Hunters Specialties Squirrel Call

Hunters Specialties Squirrel Call


simple one-handed use.

produces true-to-life fox and grey squirrel noises, as well as distressed baby squirrel noises.

Any weather, work.#


This is a wise choice. You can make the noises required to call either fox or grey squirrels if you use it in accordance with the instructions. These sounds can be produced by the call without slamming or hitting the bellows. Understanding the squirrel is essential for the call to function; else, it will be useless. This call will help you fill your game bag because you'll be aware of your prey. Overall, a fantastic sounding call that is well constructed, robust, and pricey. I would advise anyone to do it.

8. FOXPRO Loaded Gun Combo

FOXPRO Loaded Gun Combo


Diaphragm of a smoking pistol

Diaphragm of a young gun

Excellent Volume Capabilities and Simple to Use

Prime mover diaphragm#


These calls are of good quality. already called in a couple coyotes. Once it was in my mouth, it took me about 20 minutes to perfect the proper technique. One of the calls is "double cut," denoting that the latex reed has a tiny cut on both ends. The only drawback is that each call offers roughly the same vocal range. The red coyote is an older, slightly more dominant guy.

9. Primos Valley Quail Call

Primos Valley Quail Call


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decent quail call You can remove the end pieces to change the tone. I wouldn't advise doing that because the ends might come undone and start falling out unexpectedly. The appropriate sound could only be produced when I placed the object in my mouth on a specific side. To locate the proper sound, try turning the call in several directions, such as from left to right and upside down to back down.

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