Best Preschool Reading & Writing Learning in 2022


Finding the best preschool reading and writing learning apps for your child can be an overwhelming task. With so many apps on the market, it can be difficult to determine which ones are most effective and engaging for young learners. To help you narrow down the choices, we’ve compiled a list of the top preschool reading and writing learning apps available today.

Start with Starfall ABCs. This app is geared towards children ages 3 to 5 and offers activities that help teach letter recognition, phonics, and beginning reading. There are interactive stories, games, read-alongs and videos available to keep your little one entertained.

Another great app for preschoolers is Kids A-Z. This app is free and offers interactive books with audio read-alongs, as well as activities to test comprehension and reinforce writing skills. Kids can also access their own personalized bookshelf to help them keep track of the stories they’ve read.

For more advanced readers, ABCya! is a great choice. This app offers a variety of reading and writing activities, including crossword puzzles, spelling games, and more. It also offers the ability to create your own stories and has a library of over 1,400 books.

Finally, if you’re looking for an app that offers a comprehensive approach to teaching preschool reading and writing, then Reading Eggs is the perfect choice. This app provides a complete literacy curriculum for kids ages 2 to 13 and includes over 3,000 books, activities, and games.

No matter which app you choose, it’s important to remember that reading and writing are essential skills for children of all ages. Consider these preschool reading and writing learning apps today to give your little one a head start on achieving success in school.

1. Carson-Dellosa Publishing Sign Language Flash Cards, Two-Sided Cards (6 x 3 Inch), 105 Count (Pack of 1), Age 4 and Up

Carson-Dellosa Publishing Sign Language Flash Cards, Two-Sided Cards (6 x 3 Inch), 105 Count (Pack of 1), Age 4 and Up


enhances a variety of abilities and promotes mastery

Rounded corners make sorting easier.

A fun method for learning American Sign Language at home, at school, or while travelling

Sign Language Flash Cards, Two-Sided Cards, 6 x 3 Inches, 105 Count (Pack of 1), Ages 4 and Up, Carson-Dellosa Publishing#


They are straightforward and concise. Finished cards.There are 105 cards in a substantial box.Contains the ASL alphabet, the numerals 1 through 10, one card for the numbers 11 through 20, and common terms like "he/she," "woman," "bathroom," "children," "door," "window," "chair," and "crayon."Self-checking and colorful pictures (see box cover).Presented in a cushioned envelope.

2. VTech Musical Rhymes Book

VTech Musical Rhymes Book


Early learning item is wonderful for infants and toddlers; interactive toddler book is aesthetically captivating with bright pages and a light-up star that flashes with the sound.

Baby book is designed for children aged six months to three years; demo version comes with two AAA batteries; for regular usage, use new batteries.

learning centre for young children Slide and twist the entertaining playthings to develop fine motor skills; the pre-K reading book features more than 40 tunes, melodies, noises, and phrases.

Big, simple-to-turn pages in an interactive children's book, together with six traditional nursery rhymes, are included in the book.

a talking book with five vibrant piano buttons that play noises, describe colours, and introduce instruments; two play modes: music mode and educational mode#


This book is a favorite of my 1-year-old daughter's! The interior features slide-activated buttons that produce music or sound effects. When the book is closed, the five buttons on the side that have musical instruments can be utilized as a little piano. This toy has rapidly become one of my infant's favorites because she enjoys music. This is one of the few toys we will be bringing on the plane this summer because we will be flying coast to coast. It has a volume control so I can dial down the music to not disturb the other passengers while keeping her occupied and amused. Through rhymes and music, it promotes reading preparation and brain development. The book is vibrant and constructed to resist toddlers' rough play. For parents who are busy, it was sent ready to use with no assembly or battery requirements.

3. Melissa & Doug Magnetic Pattern Blocks Set (Developmental Toys, Sturdy Wooden Play Board, Carrying Case, 120 Pieces, Great Gift for Girls and Boys - Best for 3, 4, 5, and 6 Year Olds)

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Pattern Blocks Set (Developmental Toys, Sturdy Wooden Play Board, Carrying Case, 120 Pieces, Great Gift for Girls and Boys - Best for 3, 4, 5, and 6 Year Olds)




For my grandson and granddaughter, who are 5 and 6 years old, I bought this toy. Both the puzzle component and the chance to make their own designs were appealing to them. The components all fit neatly in the box, and the vibrant magnets hold objects together well. You receive a variety of magnetic shapes and two-sided pattern boards so the kids can play for hours. The pattern boards are secured to the top of the box by sliding into a grooved guide. This toy is portable and may be used at home or in the vehicle because it has its own carrying case. Your kid will enjoy thinking and making things. I like that this item is not just for mindless enjoyment.

4. Pixel Premium ABC Magnets for Kids Gift Set - 142 Magnetic Letters for Fridge, Dry Erase Magnetic Board and FREE e-Book with 40+ Learning & Spelling Games - Best Alphabet Magnets for Refrigerator Fun!

Pixel Premium ABC Magnets for Kids Gift Set - 142 Magnetic Letters for Fridge, Dry Erase Magnetic Board and FREE e-Book with 40+ Learning & Spelling Games - Best Alphabet Magnets for Refrigerator Fun!


THE GREATEST GIFT OF LEARNING - This collection, which was created by parents and instructors, has everything you need to increase your vocabulary, sharpen your spelling, and learn in a fun and simple way. For the most interactive fun, the educational e-books were created specifically for use with iPads and tablets. The magnetic board is double-sided and compatible with dry erase markers.

A LOT OF LETTERS FOR A LOT OF FUN Open up endless creative possibilities and spell anything you desire. Don't run out of letters as earlier sets did. Teach your little genius literally hundreds of words using the 142 magnetic letters, which include 90 lowercase and 52 uppercase letters.

THE BETTER, SAFER OPTION - Safety for your child comes first. Because of this, this set complies with ASTM American Toy Safety Standards in both design and certification. Never settle for less. Knowing that these letters are composed of non-toxic, environmentally safe foam gives you peace of mind. You won't ever have to worry about exposed or loose magnet bits because the back of every letter is completely enclosed in protective rubber casing. Place your order right away to change how much your child enjoys learning!

The BEST MAGNETIC LETTER SET IN AMERICA has improved. With your FREE "Amazing ABC" educational e-Book series (worth $19.99), this treasure trove of fun is filled with 142 gorgeous magnetic letters, an ultra-light magnetic whiteboard, and more than 40 learning activities.

Discover why youngsters adore our large, chunky, soft-touch foam letters by feeling the difference. They are the ideal size to spell many words, be simple to hold, and develop fine motor skills. They are neither too big nor too small, but just right. Every letter has a magnetic back that prevents slipping or falling off of refrigerators. (Capital A is 3.4 cm broad and 4 cm height)#


They're incredibly colorful and enjoyable! I adore that they also included a magnetic whiteboard! They are foam, which I adore, but I had trouble putting them in the provided box without pinching the foam and leaving indentations, so I relocated them to another box. Additionally, while the image depicts lowercase letters in each of the five colors, my box contained uppercase letters in orange and yellow and lowercase letters in green, blue, and red. It may seem trivial to bring up, but I found it annoying to have to use one color for the initial letter of a long name when I was unable to use that color again. This is no doubt appropriate for children's play. These are being used by me to teach. Having the vowels in one color and the consonants in another would be a big benefit for teaching, but it is only a thought. Just being picky here, I guess. The set is very well built and contains a large number of letters. I still give these letters five stars since I adore them.

5. VTech Rhyme and Discover Book (Frustration Free Packaging)

VTech Rhyme and Discover Book (Frustration Free Packaging)


button for music

three illuminated character buttons on the page tabs

6 months and up

7 well-known nursery rhymes

Four components that move#


This is a great toy. It has been here for five years! The batteries have never needed to be changed, and it still looks brand new.This was a first birthday gift for my six-year-old, and my eight-month-old now adores it to pieces! This is an excellent toy in every way. On each page, there are a number of buttons and moveable elements. All three animal faces and the musical note are buttons. Each page will have a different melody and light up when you push them. On each page, there are also characters that can be manipulated and create sounds as they do so.When you turn the page, a chiming sound is made, followed by a song or nursery rhyme that matches the content of the page. When a page is open and a music note is pressed, the appropriate song will begin to play.Low and high loudness levels are adjustable. The low level is almost ideal, however the high option is a little too loud for my tastes.Overall, I think this is a terrific toy and I'm very happy we got it and that it is still in good shape! I utterly endorse this item.*****If my review was useful to you, kindly click the helpful button below..*****

6. VTech Little Apps Tablet, Black (Frustration Free Packaging)

VTech Little Apps Tablet, Black (Frustration Free Packaging)


Automatic shut-off and volume control to conserve battery

12 educational games with increasing difficulty

Designed for children ages 2 to 5; comes with 2 AA batteries

letter buttons, a color-changing screen, and a piano keyboard#


The item matches the illustration accurately. I'm delighted I ordered a package that would relieve me of any frustration. With a power button to switch the toy on and off, it is really simple to use. Along with the ability to modify the volume, brightness, and color of the screen, you can also choose whether or not to play music. The screen's display quality is the only thing I object to. It makes me think of the video game screens we used to have in the 1990s, lol. My nephew, however, adores it. Thus, I don't give a damn. It includes a lot of buttons and modes, including piano, as was already said, which would keep anyone occupied for a while. Definitely advised for families taking vacations!

7. VTech Touch & Teach Word Book (Frustration Free Packaging)

VTech Touch & Teach Word Book (Frustration Free Packaging)


Pages respond to your toddler's touch with noises, music, and words; an early learning facility teaches the ABCs and language, as well as fine motor abilities.

For regular usage, replace the included 2 AAA batteries with new ones. The baby book toy is intended for children between the ages of 18 months and 4 years.

This toddler-friendly educational toy book has 12 incredibly realistic, touch-sensitive pages that teach kids more than 100 words in six categories.

Excellent pre-kindergarten learning tool with four game modes, including what's that word, letter fun, music time, and find it.

The Tech Smart Cubs, Cody and Cora, lead your child via interactive play; they broaden their vocabulary by teaching them the ABCs and new words.#


Every day, my son takes this. He has learned a few new terms as a result of it. All you need to do to make a picture on the page speak is touch it because the pages are fully flat. Excellent technology. Lots of letters and words to learn. I adore how words are divided into separate flaps according to a particular category. Size is excellent. When I travel with my children, I keep this in my handbag tote. The only drawback is that, while having two volume levels, both are too loud (particularly the louder one!). The quieter one is still insufficiently quiet to carry to a restaurant. or to take on a flight. It would frighten those nearby. I didn't deduct a rating for noise level, though, because my son enjoys it so much and it's helped him learn language on his own so effectively.

8. VTech Write & Learn Creative Center (Frustration Free Packaging)

VTech Write & Learn Creative Center (Frustration Free Packaging)



With this one, you CAN NOT GO WRONGFULLY! My 3-year-old daughter uses this frequently to play. She spends her entire day creating images and enjoys the freedom to sketch, erase, and then start over. I adore not having to go through reams of paper or stress about always having crayons on hand. Aside from the artistic component, the best thing about this toy is that she is actually learning her ABCs and how to write them correctly. The screen provides excellent instructions on how to create each letter and moves at a pace that allows a young child to follow along. She is practicing writing her name so that the child can program it. Since I used to teach kindergarten, I think every preschooler ought to have one of these. It is a fantastic learning tool for any child entering the early reading years. I'm really happy with this purchase!

9. VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet Pink (Frustration Free Packaging)

VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet Pink (Frustration Free Packaging)


Cody the VTech Smart Cub may be tapped by toddlers to interact with him while they play; Pre-K learners may swipe back and forth between screens with this educational toy.

With 160 amusing songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases included, the kids tablet offers a swipe and tap light-up screen.

An electronic educational toy checks the weather and time just like mum and dad and opens up a fake email; Bright light-up screen on infant learning toy

Baby tablets are designed for children between the ages of 9 and 36 months; demo batteries (3 AAAs) are supplied. For regular usage, use new batteries.

a tablet for children that teaches alphabet, numbers, shapes, and other things; 10 pretending games and apps that get your kid playing imaginatively#


This was purchased for my one and a half-year-old nephew. Any infant between the ages of one and three will like this toy, in my opinion. I like this because it's instructive and small children learn like sponges, so start teaching them young Jedis as soon as possible so they may become the engineers and physicians who will take us to a galaxy far, far away in the future.

10. VTech Tote and Go Laptop, Orange

VTech Tote and Go Laptop, Orange


Kids can personalize their computer with their name, age, favorite food, avatar, and other details. A laptop for kids comes with an integrated mouse that teaches them the fundamentals of using a mouse.

A computer screen is present in the pre-K learning tool, but it is not backlit. The contrast of the screen can be manually changed in accordance with the ambient light levels.

An educational electronic toy includes progressive learning stages, and a children's laptop provides 20 learning exercises that teach more than 60 words, spelling, shapes, and animals.

For regular use, replace the included 2 AA batteries with new ones. The children's learning system is designed for children between the ages of three and six.

The pre-K learning center plays 30 well-known rock, country, or jazz tunes; toddlers learn to think critically through puzzle and logic games.#


I recently purchased this tiny laptop for my 4-year-old grandson. He adores it. It is always being played with by my young son. His 2-year-old sibling also uses it occasionally to play. With this toy, I'm over the moon. Nothing about it that I don't like yet has been discovered, and more importantly, neither has my grandson. It still functions flawlessly even after my 2-year-old grandson spilled coke in it. I simply gave it a quick wipe down with a moist cloth, filled it with paper towels, and sealed it. I then turned it upside down to let any remaining coke drain out. We waited a few days and let it to completely dry out. As good as new at this point. After that accident, it has never had any issues, not even a jammed key. fantastic stuff well-built and well-thought-out. My purchase has made me very delighted.

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