Best Ski & Snowboard Tuning Equipment in 2022

Are you looking for the best ski and snowboard tuning equipment? Whether you’re a beginner skier or an experienced snowboarder, having the right tools to tune and maintain your gear is essential for a successful winter season. Properly tuning your ski and snowboard equipment can help you prevent waxing and sharpening problems, and ensure that you stay safe and enjoy the snow.

When it comes to finding the best ski and snowboard tuning equipment, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. First, you’ll want to decide what type of equipment you need. If you’re a beginner skier, you may not need all of the bells and whistles that experienced snowboarders do. On the other hand, if you’re an experienced snowboarder, you’ll want to invest in more advanced tools and tuning products.

Next, you’ll want to consider your budget. Ski and snowboard tuning equipment can range from basic tools to more advanced tools and products. It’s important to determine how much you can afford to spend on tuning equipment before you begin your search.

Finally, you’ll want to research the different brands and models of ski and snowboard tuning equipment. Read reviews from other users to get a better sense of the quality of the products, and make sure to read the manufacturer’s warranty and return policy. You’ll also want to check with your local ski shop or sporting goods store for advice on the best tuning equipment for your specific needs.

Now that you know what to look for when shopping for ski and snowboard tuning equipment, it’s time to start shopping! With a little bit of research, you’ll be able to find the perfect equipment for your winter adventures. Have fun, and stay safe out there!

1. Swix Wax Scraper Snowboard and Wide Ski (4mm Thick)

Swix Wax Scraper Snowboard and Wide Ski (4mm Thick)


The top wax scraper available

Scrape all skis and snowboards with this.

a broad wax scraper

dependable and robust#


This scrapper works well for waxing my bigger snow skis. Since it lacks a right-angle notch, I utilize the one in my other scraper to remove wax from edges. The only flaw with this product is that. Additionally, I enjoy that it's a little stiffer than my other scraper.

2. RaceWax Ski Wax Brush Kit Snowboard Set Three, Nylon Horsehair Brass

RaceWax Ski Wax Brush Kit Snowboard Set Three, Nylon Horsehair Brass


Improved version for 2016. You will need all the brushes (3 in. x 4.5 in.) to get going. This three-brush set, which is economical, includes:

Included is a useful zippered storage case.

A brass brush (10 mm) for strong waxes, opening pores before waxing (brush in the opposite direction for this phase, tail to tip), and rejuvenating base structure

a 10-mm nylon brush that is necessary for removing wax. To save you time, it was made to be stiff enough to remove wax in fewer passes.

For the best shine, use a soft, fine horsehair brush (8 mm) to remove wax from your base's delicate structure.#


The brushes I used to wax my skis were excellent. I took away one point because there were no instructions at all on what brush to use for what. To find that out, I had to conduct extensive research online. How challenging is it to put a small piece of paper in the box? Here's how I employ them: Bronze is used to clean the base and remove old wax, and nylon is used immediately after hot wax application to remove any leftover wax that was not removed by scraping. Horse hair—for the finishing polish.Overall, compared to what would ever be done at any of the businesses close to me, these brushes make my wax job seem ten times better. But be aware that it involves some work. Get to work, crack open a cold one, and play some music.

3. RaceWax Ski P-tex Base Repair Kit: 10 ptex, Metal Scraper, 3 Buffing Pads

RaceWax Ski P-tex Base Repair Kit: 10 ptex, Metal Scraper, 3 Buffing Pads


scraper with a metal base For P-Tex work on ski and snowboard bases, use this. appropriate for light base planing. Metal scraper storage sleeve made of vinyl is supplied.

Complete kit for fixing the bases of skis and snowboards: Metal scraper, three buffing pads, and P-Tex. Select transparent p-tex for clear or colored base regions and black p-tex for black base areas. Included are instructions.

10 p-tex rods in black

Ten P-Tex Rods for base repairs. 8 mm in size. Approximately 190 mm (7.5 inches) long.

3 Base Treatment/Buf


I bought this to fix some damage on my 30-year-old cross-country skis. Great results and ease of execution. Skiing on frozen gravel left me with some fairly severe scrapes and gouges. I spent some time tidying off the edges of the gouges and removing the wax foundation from the bases. I warmed the bases with my waxing iron as well. Moving slowly and carefully, I lit the candle. To minimize the amount of carbon, hold the candle at an angle and keep it close to your task. The accompanying scraper quickly leveled the area after it had cooled. I was prepared for a base wax after a couple of rapid passes with the Scotch-Brite pads and a final buff with the white pad. I've only gone outside once after the repair, but it must have held up well because all the snow disappeared. I repaired four feet of scratches that were at least a fingernail width wide using about a third of a candle. substantially less expensive than a brand-new set of skis.

4. RaceWax Complete Ski Snowboard Wax Tuning Kit

RaceWax Complete Ski Snowboard Wax Tuning Kit


Large Cordura tool bag: External fast access pocket; two carry straps with velcro clasp handles; interior strap to store wax iron; two internal open-access tool pockets and a zipped mesh pocket; large Cordura tool bag. adequate space for additional stuff!

RaceWax Complete Kit for Tuning Ski Snowboard Wax. Ideal kit for families or anyone who need to tune numerous skis or boards! The edge tool is the only tool you'll ever need because it can do 20 different angles for both the base and the side. If you don't know the angles, you may still use this edge tool to figure them out! A 70 mm diamond stone for fine edge honing without removing metal is included in the kit.

temperature control Double-thick baseplate grooved and dimpled for excellent wax distribution, 1000W RaceWax wax iron. 80-170 C in the temperature range (176-338 F). 1000 watts @ 120 volts and 60 hertz. Model from North America with a standard plug. Large Brake Retainers in Two

Swix Wax in two 60 g bars: one Red/Warm mid-temperature and one Blue/Cold temperature; two wax scrapers (one for each ski or board) with a corner notch for edge cleaning. a whole 3-brush kit Nylon brush, the workhorse of wax removal, Brass brush for replenishing base structure, Soft, delicate Horsehair brush for polishing your base! Included is a useful zippered storage case. Each brush is 3 inches by 4.5 inches;

SKS Multi Tool Base-Side Bevel File Guide Set an exact angle in 0.5 degree increments from 0 to 5; two-sided metal cutting file provided; Brass file brush; Gumi Stone for rust removal; Blue Diamond Stone (360 grit) for routine edge maintenance; Metal Scraper with vinyl storage sleeve; 1 Clear and 1 Black P-Tex;#


I purchased this kit because, as a seasoned tuner and former racer, I was sick of shelling out $50 to $80 each time I needed a tune. I only needed a few YouTube tutorial videos to get me back on track. A good kit comes with everything you need. I rated it four stars even though I believe buying the items separately will save you money, but if you're unsure what to buy, I highly suggest this package. Additionally, I advise adding certain vices to it.

5. DEMON UNITED Elite X Ski and Snowboard Edge Tuner- Includes Side Edge Multi-Tool, 3 Diamond Stones, Steel File and Gummy Stone- Ski Edge Tuner and Ski Edge Tool Combo Kit

DEMON UNITED Elite X Ski and Snowboard Edge Tuner- Includes Side Edge Multi-Tool, 3 Diamond Stones, Steel File and Gummy Stone- Ski Edge Tuner and Ski Edge Tool Combo Kit


Packaging includes a secure Demon bag for storage and transport, which is beautifully displayed inside damage-free packaging.

QUALITY* Laser measurements and tests have been done to determine the degree angles' correctness. In addition, the Demon edge tool has a special built-in file to remove any leftover steel from the files after tuning. Built to be extremely strong and lightweight, and covered by Demon's Quality Warranty.

Demon's adjustable side edge tool, which can accommodate any file (steel or diamond) between 5 and 7 mm thick and up to 72 mm in length, is a part of this kit. The side edge of the tool can be adjusted to an angle of 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, or 90 degrees.

FILES INCLUDED* The files in this package will assist you in sharpening, deburring, polishing, and tuning the edges of your skis and snowboards. The three grits of the Demon Diamond stones are 240 (Black-Rough Cut), 500 (Red-Medium), and 1000. (Blue- Ultra-Fine). A steel file and gummy stone are also included for edge work during preparation and throughout the final tuning procedure. The process of edge work is a crucial component of overall tuning, and this tool provides.

Demon United Elite X Ski and Snowboard Edge Tuner, Ski Edge Tool Combo Kit, Side Edge Multi-Tool, 3 Diamond Stones, Steel File, and Gummy Stone#


The multi-tool has two angle settings and can only handle your side edge. You'll need to purchase a different tool if you want more options for adjusting your edge angle or working on your base edge.The wax that was included in the kit was HORRIBLE. All day long, my board was really grabby and slow. I changed to a better wax that night, and the issue was solved.There are no issues other than that. The carrying case is of excellent quality, and I appreciate that the iron comes with 3 different grit diamond stones (many packages don't). Despite my complaints, this beginning kit was still the greatest price. It simply isn't a "all in one" package and will require some further purchases.

6. Demon Hyper Speed Ski & Snowboard Tune Kit with Iron, 1lb Wax Block & Base Cleaner

Demon Hyper Speed Ski & Snowboard Tune Kit with Iron, 1lb Wax Block & Base Cleaner



This kit is complete and of the highest caliber. I wanted a full set so that I could start taking care of my board myself rather than having to take it to the shop. Simply search for snowboard tuning on YouTube and sort by view count to get the videos I used to learn how to utilize everything. Three brushes are included in this kit; the brass one is for cleaning the board prior to waxing, and the other two are for cleaning the board after waxing. includes a guided edge filer, numerous metal and plastic scrapers, some ptex, and a ton of other things. The iron heats up sufficiently. The angles (88 and 90) on the guided filer are printed on the side. Place the side facing the board at the desired angle.Here are a few items you should consider including in your kit:1) A Sharpie or other permanent marker. Use this for edge filing; to see what I mean, watch the YouTube videos.a vise for snowboards. Useful yet costly; if you're on a budget, there are DIY choices.

7. Stage Edge Tuner, Black

Stage Edge Tuner, Black


sharpens the side edge of skis and snowboards quickly.

In a pocket

3.75 by 2.25 inches

90- or 88-degree bevels#


The sharpening tool is quite great. It performs as promised. I used it to both my skis and snowboard. It is unquestionably the most affordable option I have discovered. The absence of instructions is my sole complaint. I'm aware that there is a video to watch, but even that doesn't really show all that much. It demonstrates how to do it, but it doesn't demonstrate in detail which sides to use or when. Without any instructions, it functions flawlessly. If he just completed waxing your base, OneNote make sure all the wax is wiped off the corners so the file does not become clogged with wax. or hone before waxing.

8. Demon Complete Ski Tune Kit with Wax and Brush Kit- Snowboard Tuning Kit

Demon Complete Ski Tune Kit with Wax and Brush Kit- Snowboard Tuning Kit


The iron comes with a lifetime warranty and an easy-turn dial temperature gauge.

High-quality and specifically designed for efficiency, this wax iron is ideal for snowboards and skis.

Bonus** 133 grams of Demon Wax made for all snow temperatures are included.

Everything you need for a thorough snowboard or ski tuneup, with instructions, for use at home or on the move

flat file, edge tuner, wax scraper, tuning stone, three wire brushes, adjustable temperature iron, polish pad, P-tex, and carry bag are included.#


The iron and the three different brushes that came with it are pretty nice. Due to the spring riding, my board was really dirty when I first started snowboarding this past season. I had to have it waxed rather frequently because I went snowboarding twice a week. It was getting to be a bother, so I made the decision to just buy my own equipment and do it myself. Generally, depending on the location, the cost of a hot wax at the resort ranges from $15 to $20.But with this kit, I was able to make significant financial savings and, on top of that, I was able to assist my friends by waxing their boards.A fantastic product overall with amazing value for the money.

9. Demon Complete Basic Tune Kit with Wax- Everything Needed to do a Basic Tune and Wax for Your Skis and Snowboard

Demon Complete Basic Tune Kit with Wax- Everything Needed to do a Basic Tune and Wax for Your Skis and Snowboard


Edge tuner is a component of The Demon Basic Complete Tune Kit. Lighting Stone for Tuning omnipresent wax scraper a flat file Metal brush a little wax iron Metal scraper Ptex Polish pad includes guidelines Case to carry

The iron is of the highest grade and was specially constructed for effectiveness. Skis and snowboards are the ideal uses for this wax iron. The Iron includes a lifetime warranty, a switchable 110 or 220 volt power source, and an easy-turn dial temperature indicator.

You can receive everything you need for a Basic tune-up on your skis and snowboards with Demon's Basic Complete Tune Kit. Perfect for your upcoming ski trip or right in your garage.#


Iron—Although the dial on the iron is a little tricky to access, it performs as expected. The plastic is of good enough quality and heats up quickly. I feel like this iron would break after a few drops.**Please take note that the iron will not fit in the kit's included bag.Scrapers and files —The other tools also perform admirably.Both the plastic and metal scrapers are reliable.I haven't used the one brass brush yet, but it would be useful to brush the metal fragments out of your file.Wax—The wax has a pleasant scent and helps me move quickly down the slopes. I anticipate using the 133 grams offered for a total of 5-7 snowboard waxes. Since there was no suggested iron temperature for this, I simply turned the dial up until the wax block was steadily flowing while not smoking.I don't know the science behind this brushing phase, but if the pros do it, I'm all for it. I would recommend buying a horse hair brush or nylon brush, which isn't included in this package, to use after a hot wax in order to bring out the texture and shape of the base.

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