Best Tobacco Pipes in 2022

Are you in the market for a new tobacco pipe? If so, there are a few factors to consider to find the best one for you.

First, decide what shape you like best. Tobacco pipes come in a variety of shapes including Billiard, Pot, Dublin, and Apple. Each shape has its own unique look and feel and each smoker has their own personal preference.

Second, consider the type of material you want your tobacco pipe to be made of. Common materials include briar wood, meerschaum, and corncob. Briar has long been the most popular material for tobacco pipes due to its excellent heat resistance and flavor. Meerschaum is a soft mineral that provides excellent flavor, but is not as durable as briar. Corncob is the least expensive of the three, but does not offer the same flavor as briar or meerschaum.

Third, consider any other features you might want in your tobacco pipe. Popular features include a filter, adjustable stem, and a tamper. Filters help reduce the amount of tar and nicotine that is inhaled while smoking, while adjustable stems can help you find the perfect length for a comfortable smoking experience. A tamper is a small tool that can be used to pack the tobacco into the bowl of the pipe.

Finally, research the different brands of tobacco pipes available to find the one that fits your needs and budget. Read reviews, ask friends and family, and even visit a local tobacconist to find the perfect tobacco pipe for you.

No matter what type of tobacco pipe you choose, make sure it fits your needs and budget. With a little research and effort, you can find the perfect tobacco pipe for you.

1. Missouri Meerschaum - Country Gentleman Corn Cob Tobacco Pipe - Bent Bit

Missouri Meerschaum - Country Gentleman Corn Cob Tobacco Pipe - Bent Bit



I've smoked Briar for the most of my adult life (and a good portion of my childhood). However, have you recently looked at Briars' prices? I saw positive reviews on corn cob pipes in an article about several sorts of pipes that I picked up in an effort to learn what material all the reasonably priced "Briars" were truly made of. According to the report, they have a pleasant aroma, burn slowly, and are essentially competitive with any other smoking gadget.I'm happy to report that the story was accurate. I've had a great time puffing on this pipe. It smokes cool and tastes good, and it is simple to maintain clean. I can afford to have a different pipe for each variety of tobacco at this inexpensive price. The reason for the five stars is that this particular pipe is of a great caliber and arrived promptly.

2. Missouri Meerschaum - Legend Corn Cob Tobacco Pipe - 5th Avenue, Bent Bit

Missouri Meerschaum - Legend Corn Cob Tobacco Pipe - 5th Avenue, Bent Bit



I purchased my first one on October 31, 2015, which is more than 2.5 years ago. I've smoked from it practically every day, and it still burns nicely. started it off with cigarettes, then switched to a more healthful herbal substitute. Ahem. There are no issues at all, and the somewhat tacky-looking plastic stem has held up well, proving to be more durable than I anticipated. Today, I placed two more orders and considered switching to the straight bit variant. But since I've been content with the 5th Avenue style and it appears to have a different bowl shape, I choose to continue with it. I wish MM would describe the various bowl shapes and how they function differently.This pipe smokes cooler and performs better than any other briar pipes I own, including a few expensive ones I scored for dirt cheap at estate sales and a few Graybows. shocked me. Also shocked me by how well it held up. Cob seems to be pretty resilient, so I would have assumed that it would have burned out by now. I made the decision to get a few more while the getting is good. The future? It might develop into anything and increase in value.

3. Scotte Tobacco Pipe Handmade Ebony Wood Root Smoking Pipe Gift Box and Accessories

Scotte Tobacco Pipe Handmade Ebony Wood Root Smoking Pipe Gift Box and Accessories


Ebony created it.

Heat resistance and tasteless heat afterward

A high-quality pouch case for match pipe tobacco would be ideal.

Modeling a lovely, gentle handle#


If you don't want a corncob pipe, this is an excellent entry-level option. The majority of Briar pipes cost at least $120, yet this ebony pipe is quite adequate. Since I acquired it a few weeks ago, the pipe hasn't been damaged and it smokes at a cool temperature. The plastic stem is the only thing I have to complain about, but that is to be expected with a pipe this inexpensive. Overall, it makes a wonderful beginner's present for a friend or yourself.

4. Mantello Royal Small Tobacco Pipe (Red Burl, 3.5 Inch)

Mantello Royal Small Tobacco Pipe (Red Burl, 3.5 Inch)


contains nothing dangerous in it. 0.62 inch bowl depth; three 1/16 inch holes

amazing draw requires no screen, is simple to clean, and has a great finish.

Insert and mouthpiece are both detachable. Guaranteed satisfaction or your money back

Durable. made of resin, metal bowl, and acrylic mouthpiece with a plastic insert.

Length: approximately 3.5 in


adorable little pipe It's interesting how it's made since there isn't a flat bottom to anchor it, and because the bottom is rounded, it kind of simply sways back and forth until it settles. It will stay on its side if you lay it on its side, but it's kind of fun to tilt, twist, wobble, and bobble it to see where it will rest! packaged securely. prompt delivery. I'm overjoyed with this buy.

5. Joyoldelf Tobacco Pipes Maigret Black, Smooth, Bent, Hand Made + Stand

Joyoldelf Tobacco Pipes Maigret Black, Smooth, Bent, Hand Made + Stand



I've been looking for a decent tobacco pipe, but reviews of the pipe shattering keep popping up, which has been deterring me. I'm glad I ignored those reviews. It leads me to believe that some people may not be utilizing their pipes properly or may be using them for purposes other than tobacco. It was quite simple for me to insert my filter there. Very easily and snugly, the top half may be removed and put back on. Place some pipe tobacco inside, quickly light it with my torch lighter (it takes about a second), and puff away. Very simple, and the pipe never gets hot on the outside, even if I pack it all the way and use my torch lighter to burn off the top of it. It makes me wonder whether people are trying to light it for too long with a conventional lighter and damaging it in the process. Get the right lighter, simplify your life, and enjoy your pipe. Since it never even gets hot enough to infiltrate the wooden pipe, I don't see how it might shatter. It's made of sturdy wood; if I'm incorrect, it may have mentioned pear wood, which is one of the most durable materials you can get for a wooden pipe. 10/10 would advise others. I haven't used it yet, but it feels fine and I would use it if I were to transfer it. Neat small wooden stand performs its job. I appreciate the excellent goods.

6. Scotte Captain Tobacco Pipe Red Smoking Pipe

Scotte Captain Tobacco Pipe Red Smoking Pipe


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This was a prank present that I received. The result was a hit. He constantly makes use of it. brings to mind vintage movies. The only difference between this and whatever else he uses is how great he looks while using it. The pipe is substantial and comfortable. fantastic gift

7. Kangaroo Gentleman Pipe

Kangaroo Gentleman Pipe


Excellent Halloween costumes, including Santa Claus costumes.

Accessory for a gentleman's pipe costume#


This fits the description of an excellent costume accessory perfectly. I'm not sure why so many people are leaving bad reviews considering they believed it to be a real pipe...

8. Funnowcol - Upgrade Handmade Glass Crafts- Glass Big Water Chamber, Hand Crafted and Designed Elegant Leaves(Blue)

Funnowcol - Upgrade Handmade Glass Crafts- Glass Big Water Chamber, Hand Crafted and Designed Elegant Leaves(Blue)


Beautiful aesthetics with enticing, well-balanced hues that highlight craftsmanship.

products made of borosilicate glass at high pressure,High-temperature hand-made glass with a good filtering effect is thick and durable.

It is the ideal present for your friends or a special someone.

8 inch, 14 mm

Shelf of ice We provide Prime one-day delivery for very thick.#


Not much to say other the fact that it's totally worthwhile. Very good value for the money, arrived promptly

9. Brand New Durable Tobacco Pipe Black Color

Brand New Durable Tobacco Pipe Black Color


There is no pipe stand in the image.#


Though I'd give it a 5, there are a couple of things that bothered me. The core is made of a distinct substance, but otherwise everything is made of plastic. Number 2: Plastic doesn't heat up when it's too hot. 3. No filter; it's a plastic component. It's a good quick pipe otherwise. has a successful treatment for a soft pull on the teeth. Although it is not a Missouri meerschaum corncob, it functions well. The fact that it is plastic, cheap, and simple to clean is a plus; if it fails down the road, no big deal. One gets what one pays for.

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