Best Umpire Masks in 2022

Are you looking for the best umpire mask out there? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Umpire masks are a critical piece of equipment for those who officiate baseball and softball games. They provide protection from high-velocity pitches and the occasional errant bat swing. Therefore, it’s essential to select a mask that provides the maximum amount of protection.

When selecting a mask, the first thing you want to look for is a mask with a high-impact resistant shell. The shell of the mask is the outer protection layer and should be composed of a material that is capable of withstanding multiple impacts. You also want to look for masks that have an adjustable chin strap and a comfortable foam liner. The foam liner will help absorb the shock of impact and provide a snug fit.

Another important factor to consider when choosing an umpire mask is its visibility. You want to select a mask that will give you the ability to see the players on the field and the action around you. Look for a mask with good peripheral vision, so you can make the best possible calls.

Finally, you should also consider the weight of the mask. The heavier the mask, the more fatigued your neck and shoulders will become during long games. Look for a lightweight mask that will not weigh you down.

When it comes to selecting the best umpire mask for your needs, it’s important to take the time to do your research. With the right mask, you can stay safe and comfortable while making the calls that will keep your game running smoothly.

1. CHAMPRO Lightweight Dri-Gear Adult Baseball/Softball Umpire Mask

CHAMPRO Lightweight Dri-Gear Adult Baseball/Softball Umpire Mask


measures 18 oz.

DRI-GEAR Ergo-Fit pads are attached to a lightweight hollow wire frame.

large extensions on the forehead, throat, and ears#


excellent mask for the money. The primary straps, however, are too short to allow for a proper fit. It's a shame, because this mask would be fantastic with a few extra inches of strap length at the temple. Currently, you just need to add an extension to the adjustment strap, and you're good to go.

2. Champion Sports Lightweight Umpire Face Mask

Champion Sports Lightweight Umpire Face Mask



It is efficient, comfy, and lightweight. Pretty basic. Long innings do not feel burdensome to wear because the pads effectively drain away moisture. Little more to add. I don't see the need to upgrade anytime soon, even though it isn't a titanium Wilson mask!

3. K-drama Lee Minho City hunter mouth mask accessories with keychain strap charm pendant

K-drama Lee Minho City hunter mouth mask accessories with keychain strap charm pendant


Mouth mask for a hunter, Lee Minho

Within two days, the shipping handling time

A nice present for every Minho fan

Cool and useful 3 layer mouth mask, PM 2.5 mask

one pendant with eight lomo cards, each measuring 5 by 2 cm.#


Although I really like the mask, I skipped the Lee MinHo key chain. They did deliver a key chain, but it had a different actor (I'm not sure who he is, lol), and they also advised that the mask be washed before use. It smells strongly like chemicals, as one prior client noted. Apart from that, I'm content with it.

4. CHAMPRO Varsity Umpire Kit

CHAMPRO Varsity Umpire Kit


design pro-plus umpire leg guard with a low profile

Umpire's wooden brush

umpire's lightweight mask

professional ball bag for umpires

umpire's chest protector with pro-plus.#


Have used this throughout the season, taking numerous balls off the facemask, including one last night that was a direct fastball traveling at around 70 mph that the catcher missed. The ball rang my bell somewhat, but there was no mask deformation, and the pads absorbed the majority of it. I put the extension on my chest protector, and it worked fantastically—I almost ever noticed hits there. As for the leg protector's brush, I adore it—fantastic. it's The ball bag, however, was kept on by a belt but Nope garbage seams blew apart at the top and damaged it. It has been replaced with something more durable, however it is the only component in this kit that has a problem.

5. Wilson Dyna-Lite Umpire and Catcher's Face Mask

Wilson Dyna-Lite Umpire and Catcher's Face Mask


791 grams

Absorbent synthetic inner, PU outside pad material

Finish for Cages: Rubber dip

Design of a High Profile Cage#


Since I've started using this mask, I've taken some really severe direct strikes. The mask effectively absorbs touch. With no fear of being wounded by a ball fouled back to my face, I can hang in and concentrate on the field with ease. Although it is slightly warmer than some of the lighter, less cushioned masks, I adore it for protection and safety.

6. Champro Sun Visor,Clear,One Size

Champro Sun Visor,Clear,One Size


Clear and black

Attaches quickly to the top pad

reduces fatigue and sun glare

UV protection is provided.

A sun visor is not included; it is offered separately.#


The need for sun visors is questioned. I use a visor because I find it challenging to pass behind the plate without one. When you have it, it is hardly apparent. A small amount of the glare that prevents seeing the pitch clearly is blocked away by it. Even if not everyone concurs, I won't call unless it.

7. Rawlings Adult Renegade Coolflo Hockey Style Catcher's Helmet

Rawlings Adult Renegade Coolflo Hockey Style Catcher's Helmet


No case standard is met

Cage with enhanced strength and impact resistance

Shell made of ABS plastic for impact resistance

improved inside padding with moisture-wicking technology#


Despite wearing thick spectacles, I can remove this helmet without losing my glasses. The fit is ideal—neither it's too tight nor too loose. This is a fantastic fit for me because I often wear hats in sizes 7 1/4 or 7 3/8. The back plate of the helmet should be black, but that is a small quibble.

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