Best Wall Surface Repair Products in 2022

1. 3M PPP Kit with 8 fl. oz Plus Primer, Self-Adhesive Patch, Putty Knife and Sanding Pad, 1 tub

3M PPP Kit with 8 fl. oz Plus Primer, Self-Adhesive Patch, Putty Knife and Sanding Pad, 1 tub


It includes a tub of Patch and primer totaling 8 fl oz.

Included is a 4" self-adhesive patch.

All the equipment required for quick and simple wall repairs are included in the 3M Wall Repair Kit.

Apply putty with the 3" knife to create repairs.

After repairing, use the 3M sanding pad to smooth the surface.#


This is a fantastic starter set. We had to paint over the sellers' poor paint selections of mustard yellow, tomato red, and "downtown" brown when we bought our first house in April (if you get my drift). Prior to painting, we had to address the approximately 3.5 million items that the previous owners of the house had tacked or screwed into the walls. I chose to go with this kit because we are both in IT and complete newbies when it comes to this sort of thing (but DETERMINED to figure it out, DAGNABBIT). It was excellent! While we worked through the home mending flaws in the walls, the spackle/primer reminded me of whipped icing and remained soft despite the fact that we left the kit open and closed for approximately a week. In addition, we found a baseball-sized gaping hole close to the floor that was concealed behind an empty switch plate and that we were able to seal with the provided mesh. It caused us to hover nearby it while making "???" noises. There used to be a hole there, but you hardly even notice it today.I'm deducting one star for only one reason, but it's a huge one. the putty knife provided. It is just little larger than the priming tub. This would not be a significant concern if it weren't for the fact that the knife is little too large and does not fit into the lip of the tub, making it difficult to easily scrape product off of it when you are finished working for the day. Because the knife is just a tiny bit too large to fit into the tub or the corners, you can't easily pull the product out of them either. To get it out, we had no choice except to use our fingers.

2. 3M PPP-16-BB Patch Plus Primer Lightweight Spackling, 16 fl. oz 1 tub, Gray, 16 Ounce

3M PPP-16-BB Patch Plus Primer Lightweight Spackling, 16 fl. oz 1 tub, Gray, 16 Ounce


Following painting, covers up repairs

Nothing shrinks or cracks

originating in the United States

30 minutes to get ready to paint#


quickly dries. Work quickly. Although it is chalky, it is not dried out as others have claimed. That is how it is supposed to be. It almost has the texture of light spongey fluffy foam. It most certainly isn't the mud I applied to attach the drywall. However, I don't believe it is intended to be. I'm brand new. My child tripped and drove her heel through the trim of the wall. Now everything is better.

3. WM Harvey 043010 43010 Putty, 14 oz, Off- Off-White

WM Harvey 043010 43010 Putty, 14 oz, Off- Off-White


Wm Harvey Co. 043010 14 oz. Stainless Plumbers Putty

Used for paint, stains, and painting supplies

The item is made in the United States.#


I discovered a long time ago that a product's Harvey name denotes quality. I went through the steps of making a putty ring that I would use to seal a basin's drain sleeve. Excess putty is forced out when the sleeve is pulled down; it is very simple to peel off and place back in the container. There is no leakage near the sleeve as a result. You should also look into the extensive line of home repair items offered by Harvey.

4. Duck Brand 282084 Self-Adhesive Drywall Repair Fabric, 6-Inch by 25 Feet, Single Roll

Duck Brand 282084 Self-Adhesive Drywall Repair Fabric, 6-Inch by 25 Feet, Single Roll


only one roll

Repositionable and self-adhesive - excellent for challenging jobs

No need to use a joint compound beforehand.

mesh made entirely of fiberglass

Repair drywall cracks and holes as soon as possible.#


We occasionally see tiny cracks or holes; the most recent was caused by a towel rack that was ripped out and left a medium-sized hole where the drywall anchor was. For small ones, I usually just use a patch kit, but this fabric was perfect for larger ones that needed strengthening. It is easily cut with scissors and then adheres to the wall. All that's needed is some straightforward spackling on top.Sand the area sufficiently beforehand to ensure that the fabric lays level; otherwise, you risk having a little elevated area. If your walls are textured or you sand your walls enough, you can conceal this.Kit: a 4-in-1 3M Patch Plus Primer that is effective for smaller holes in place ofDap 12328 DryDex Spackling Interior/Exterior, 1/2-Pint, Spackle (Color Changing)

5. Quakehold! 88111 Museum Putty Neutral

Quakehold! 88111 Museum Putty Neutral



Ideal for preventing breakage of antiques, collectibles, and other fragile goods

works virtually everywhere

Simple to remove and reuse without leaving a gaudy trace

Its malleable texture makes it simple to apply.

Non-toxic and not harmful to your surfaces, furniture, or walls#


We are full-time RV residents. Test Museum Putty and this one next to toasters, Ninja coffee makers, and computer speakers. Everything remained in place after a 3 1/2-hour journey. It's great not to have to store anything. I placed some additional objects behind the Clear Gel Quake Hold. Those things did move around 3/4", so I'll use the original Quake Hold in place of the Gel. I adore these two goods and strongly suggest them, especially to other RVers.

6. Bondo All-Purpose Putty, Designed for Interior and Exterior Home Use, Paintable, Permanent, Non-Shrinking, 1 Quart

Bondo All-Purpose Putty, Designed for Interior and Exterior Home Use, Paintable, Permanent, Non-Shrinking, 1 Quart


Use on windowsills, doors, fences, broken tiles, shingles, damaged chimneys, walls, roads, and more.

The product's up is 076308200527.

Can of 1 quart#


The Bondo plastic filler and this product both function similarly. I used to fix autobody as a teen, and the cream hardener is still used, but the hue is beige/tan to mimic wood. As stated by other reviewers, anticipate some settling in the can. The red hardener tube that came with my can of Bondo Wood Filler when combined with the beige/tan Bondo transformed it into a salmon color. The color of the hardener wasn't a concern for me because I planned to prime and paint over the repaired area, but you must use the white hardener if you don't want to affect the Bondo's color. Depending on the amount of hardener applied, the product dries swiftly and sands effortlessly. To give myself more time to mix and apply the product, I usually use less hardener. I would have to spend $1,600 to replace a four-casement bedroom window. I was able to fix the rotten wood and postpone needing to replace the window by using Bondo Wood Filler. for a few more years, hopefully. I have pictures of the window's before and after attached.

7. Drywall Repair Putty: A Quick & Easy Solution to Fill The Holes in Your Walls-Also Works on Wood & Plaster (1)

Drywall Repair Putty: A Quick & Easy Solution to Fill The Holes in Your Walls-Also Works on Wood & Plaster (1)


The hand handled applicator is small and portable, making it ideal for your home handyman toolbox. Its two year warranty gives you plenty of time to patch holes caused by remodeling or cracks in drywall and plaster walls caused by house movement. Compact size makes it possible to paint while standing on a ladder or while wearing painters' pants. When painting your space, simply take it and fill pinholes swiftly and uninterruptedly.

A specially formulated component mixture won't shrink or crack, so repairs will stay mended and you may move on to additional do-it-yourself fixes. The solution was created by a 25-year drywall veteran who meticulously chose premium materials to reduce shrinkage, endure sanding, and prevent tube drying. The same ingredients were used in the invention in 1990 as they are today.

Use a quick use applicator to quickly patch up holes and cracks in walls so you can quickly repair your home or apartment and receive your deposit back from the landlord. Excellent for patching gaps in wood, wall plaster, and drywall. The ideal fit to drywall, plaster restoration, and wood is ensured by the heavy-weight compound.

Give your favorite DIY enthusiast, home improvement pro, or gadget enthusiast a special gift. Are you looking for a stocking stuffer, white elephant present, or office party gift? Made with pride in the USA by a small, family-run company.

College students or first-time homeowners will be able to patch drywall without the need for any tools because it is so easy to use. The product is ideal for plaster repair on rare wall plaster in addition to being wall putty for filling gaps. Simply use a damp cloth to wipe, then apply in a circular motion before painting. You can fix those holes yourself, so there's no need to wait for someone else to do it.#


does precisely what is stated. This saves time and effort by eliminating the need to 1) apply spackel to the area that needs repairing, 2) wipe off excess, and (3) wait for it to dry, sand it down, and adjust as necessary. The most difficult element is avoiding mistakenly applying the product to areas of the wall that don't require it. However, this is not a problem because it is simple to wipe up. Other than the color contrast between the patch and the paint, you wouldn't be able to tell that the wall was fixed where there had previously been holes caused by a WiFi router and modem. Excellent value; simple to use.

8. Great Stuff 99108824 Smart Dispenser Gaps & Cracks, Cream

Great Stuff 99108824 Smart Dispenser Gaps & Cracks, Cream


Fills, seals, and insulates gaps up to 1"

It is an easy and affordable way to increase energy efficiency.

precise and more in control

THE ATTACKER OF GAPS AND CRACKS! minimise draughts to conserve energy

Reusable for up to 30 days; utilise repeatedly

Foam stops where you stop, so there are no drips or mess.



I was aware from reading earlier reviews that the dispenser tube can separate or start to leak at the base. I double-checked that it was fully screwed on and pushed down, and I had no issues. It was a cream-colored foam. My goal of closing a gap close to a window was achieved. The foam did not disperse uniformly and occasionally stopped coming out, which was the only problem I encountered. Nothing serious.

9. Red Devil 0542 Onetime Lightweight Spackling, 1/2Pint, White

Red Devil 0542 Onetime Lightweight Spackling, 1/2Pint, White


Fast drying, no sanding required, and resistant to shrinkage, cracking, and flaking enhanced toughness

It is readily cleaned with water and can be painted in a matter of minutes.

White grout specially developed for use on ceramic and mosaic tile, Red Devil Onetime Lightweight Spackling covers dents, cracks, nail holes, and other small holes in interior and exterior materials like drywall, plaster, wood, and stucco.

Formula pre-mixed for prompt expert repairs

Great for smaller jobs is a half pint.

With just one application, this thin, pre-mixed formula can quickly and expertly repair walls and ceilings.

Adheres to Drywall, Plaster, Wood, and Stucco#


Since I've been using it for over 30 years, this is the ONLY spackle I will ever purchase! Larger holes, such as those for doorknobs, should not be filled with fiberglass mesh tape or this product. It is intended to be used to patch up tiny cracks, nail pops, and holes left by hanging pictures. You won't need to sand at all if you follow this method! If you mix it a little before using it, it will adhere to your putty knife. However, after filling that tiny hole, you'll want to wipe the spackle off the wall around the hole to avoid filling in the texture. I appreciate Red Devil for continuing to operate their tiny US-based company.

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